Lightroom 6 tutorial – How to export photos from Lightroom CC

Lightroom 6 tutorial – How to export photos from Lightroom CC

In this lightroom 6 tutorial I will show you how I export the photos in lightroom quickly and easily. I describes how to export the jpeg files in lightroom CC, and well, that the best settings for the export in lightroom. Exporting images in lightroom, you can show your pictures around the world, including the online export, and export for printing.

Export from Lightroom to jpeg and lightroom-6-export for printing are learning important things, like a professional image editor

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This photo-Tutorial for beginners will help you to be better in lightroom for editing and is brought to you by:

In this Video you will learn:

– Export photos from lightroom 6
– Lightroom tutorial CC
– To export a picture in lightroom


Part 1 – Lightroom quick start guide

Part 1 – module-library-databases
Part 2 – the collections
Part 3 – Ultimate Workflow
Part 4 – Exporting photos –

Part 1 – basic functions –
Part 2 – the crop overlay tool
Part 3 – the tone curve
Part 4 – HDR-Fusion –
Part 5 – choice of color –
Part 6 – the amazing sky –
Part 7 – HSL –
Part 8 – Radial Filter
Part 9 – polka-dot –
Part 10 – Split Toning
Part 11 – lens corrections –
Part 12 – the Haute couture in the color Tonic
Part 13 – the clarity of the tool
Part 14 – the “vibrance” And ” saturation
Part 15 – white balance –
Part 16 – Vignette –
Part 17 – Film-grain

Part 1 – How can I edit the eye


Part 1 – Full of beauty, revision –
Part 2 – Complete landscape – retouching –

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50 replies
  1. Darrius Lester
    Darrius Lester says:

    I had a problem were I had to export over 400 photos for a client and when It was done i tried to open it and it said “This file may be corrupted, damaged, or file size too big” what did i do wrong 🙁?

  2. Claudia Venezia
    Claudia Venezia says:

    Hello, nice video, thanks a lot! I would like to create a book with my photo through an online site. I was wondering what pixels size choose to export the images at the best quality possible to make sure they’ll look good once printed for this book!

  3. Jordan Roah
    Jordan Roah says:

    I love how clear you explain things! Thank you for the videos. If it is at all possible could you go into more detail between the relationship between image sizing and file settings, specifically under which circumstances they would effect the output quality? Thank you, love your channel.

  4. Brendon The Smiling Chef
    Brendon The Smiling Chef says:

    Brilliant video! I’ve honestly never known what some of these means so thanks a million for clarifying!!

  5. Andrej Luyen
    Andrej Luyen says:

    Do those settings also apply to Instagram ? I’ve been struggling with exporting to instagram high quality pics… Thanks

  6. Silvia Paredes
    Silvia Paredes says:

    Thank you for this great video. I’m learning how to use Lightroom and one of my big doubts was the image size! You explain it clearly and fantastic. I’ll check all the other tutorials 🙂

  7. mypoppetblogs
    mypoppetblogs says:

    Thank you – new LR user here – Is there a way to convert or export in CYMK in LR – I need to send many images to a publisher and I don’t want to convert each individually in PS

  8. Carolyn Dow
    Carolyn Dow says:

    This video is excellent and helped me a lot. Once they are on your desktop, can you then drag them into a flash drive? And will all the editing be exported onto the flash drive also?

  9. Torquay Tourist
    Torquay Tourist says:

    I just downloaded lightroom cc on my macbook and it’s a different version to what’s on my mac. When I export on my mac, there are all of the options you go through in the video but on my macbook, it’s very limited. Am I using a different version? I can only save (with limited options, or post to Facebook!

  10. quatie
    quatie says:

    What about when you upload a photo and it is in square format. it’s ok in landscape but when you upload it in Portrait mode it crops the image and I want to keep the it at its full size. I have been using an app called No Crop for a while now but I find that looks too poor and it reduces the file size too Much. I’ve noticed alot of Photographers on Instagram have it in square format but doesn’t seem to be cropped. What do you guys do when uploading a portrait Picture so that it isn’t cropped?

  11. Robin Overacre
    Robin Overacre says:

    Your tutorials are great. I need advise on how to avoid a big crop from the lab. I have a Sony A7Rii and the pixels are large but I think I’m not exporting with the correct settings maybe. I tried to print a 11 x 14 photo but the lab is cropping way too much. How do I avoid that? I’m don’t want to those quality because that’s why I bought the camera. 🙂 The resolution is set to 300 and I just let it go at that. I really don’t under settings the size to fit. :/ Any advise? Maybe I should get Lightroom 6 for dummies book. Ha!

  12. vaibhav srivastava
    vaibhav srivastava says:

    Evertime i export my image ! Few of my image ends pixlelated when zoomed. Even after using best settings while export

  13. Walking Together
    Walking Together says:

    How do I decide what to limit file size to? I am using a nikon d7100, and will be returning portrait style images to people. I want to be sure they are able to make beautiful prints or canvas.

  14. Jim Demetriou
    Jim Demetriou says:

    G’daye Ed, Love the video and tks for your help. Could you tell me how I can choose 8 bit or 16 bit when getting ready to export a photo to an external lab ? I can’t find it anywhere on the "print" module under "Print Job". I’d really appreciate ur help. Thanks mate !

  15. Serenity Marquez
    Serenity Marquez says:

    Im using an HP laptop and i can only click one photo at a time.. im trying to select abot 100 of photos and it wont let me!! HELP!!

  16. Rob Reese
    Rob Reese says:

    good pm ,pls guide me on how to transfer the edited Lr or from Psd back to my iphone,so i could show it to my co workers or friends? Thanks for the your future reply( hopefully soon enough,ha ha,but thanks a million with this tutorial also)

  17. kaushal sigdel
    kaushal sigdel says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video..but when I exported my images on the same settings you used..I got file size of just 1.5 MB..I limited the file size at 10000k and 100pixels

  18. Emmett Scott
    Emmett Scott says:

    I don’t know if its Lightroom or Mac but I can’t get my photos after I’ve exported them, why isn’t it as simple as. go to photos and theres a file with Lightroom pictures…so pissed off with all this ;(((((

  19. Mariana  Caballero
    Mariana Caballero says:

    Thank you for the video!! I still have an issue though, do you know how to fix my settings if exported pictures look oversaturated on diferent devices even though they look fine on my laptop? I already checked my RGB settings and they still look the same. Thank you in advance!

  20. alwil89
    alwil89 says:

    For some reason when I set my Quality to 75, Long Edge to 1,000 pixels, and Resolution to 72, my file size is still 221KB. But I keep reading that it should be a lot less than that. I’ve followed the tutorials but the size is still bigger than I read it should be for the web. What am I doing wrong?

  21. dom frisina
    dom frisina says:

    Great video thank you, could you do the same for burning on disk and your preferred setting, I’m in a bother because I exported to disk and when clients went to shop to print they were blurry. Maybe my setting were wrong. I still have original in Lightroom.

  22. James Lane
    James Lane says:

    Hey Ed, your tutorials are as great and as engaging as ever! However I am at a loss… when I export from LR, the colours get all messed up and it gets deep blacks… if I re-import the image back to LR, it becomes fine again.

    wonder what’s wrong?

  23. PylonProductions
    PylonProductions says:

    Very helpful video. Originally came for pixels per inch for prints and such but stayed for the whole thing because of your attention to detail and thoroughness. Thanks a bunch!

  24. Micky Monday
    Micky Monday says:

    I had a question about, "Limit file size to". I shoot on a panasonic GH4 and was wondering what would be a good kb setting to limit the size to. I do wish to conserve space, but obviously my first priority is to never sacrifice image quality when sending to a client. You used 10,000 kb as an example; what happens if your image with all edits exceeds the 10,000 kb limit? Does your image lose quality? I’m just looking for the best way to export every time and still conserve space. Thanks Ed.

  25. Andrea P. Mathis
    Andrea P. Mathis says:

    Hi Ed, thanks for your videos! I learn a lot from your tutorials on lightroom. Do you know a way to export photos from Lightroom classic CC to Lightroom CC? Some time ago I always used Lightroom mobile (as a publish service in Lightroom 5 or 6) where I exported my photos to and then from there I could share them on instagram. Can I set Lightroom CC as a publish service and export single photos? I couldn’t find a way to do that until now. I’ve seen on the internet that I can migrate the whole catalogs to Lightroom CC but I want to export single photos, the ones that I edited on Lightroom classic CC and I like best.

  26. Budi Agung
    Budi Agung says:

    hello. I want to ask, why the color of my image different in my smartphone and in my laptop ? because display panel ?

  27. Bart Burkels
    Bart Burkels says:

    Why would you ever choose an export setting based on filesize in megabytes? Why would anyone care if a file is 10 Mb’s or bigger/smaller?


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