How to Design an Animal / Mascot Logo

How to Design an Animal / Mascot Logo

So in this video, we’ll take out about a half hour to design an animal / mascot logo; specifically one that’s encased in an emblem. The approach I’m using is based on a random animal generator, where one is randomly selected, and my goal is to capture the “essence” of the character in a very simplistic, and circular logomark.

Here’s that random animal generator:

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44 replies
  1. Freddie Duran
    Freddie Duran says:

    That blue circle in the background isn’t working and that ear should have the second outline as the body with a copy these animals are commonly from above and to the left of the head with the new of the animal starting from the leftsode of the head going behind the head through the body overlapping the end of the body with the bottom foot also overlapping. Then delete it and start a new lol

  2. Kwik
    Kwik says:

    Doesn’t look like an opossum, especially not like the one you had for a reference. Still a cool little rat or something though.

  3. Kipras
    Kipras says:

    My C disk has allmost no bites left, I want to install Adobe Ilustrator on my D disk, how do I do it? It doesn’t let me choose.

  4. psiops277
    psiops277 says:

    it’s been a while dude… Yet, another great video.. I saw at the end there was an issue with the color black not being black.. In CMYK color mode I use the values of: C=50 M=50 Y=50 K=100 I’ve had no issues with these values plugged in… I hope this helps for future use.. 🙂

  5. Eric P
    Eric P says:

    My teachers would ALWAYS stress how important sketching on paper is before taking to illustrator, but I’ve always worked better sketching in my head, then do it the best I can for a first draft then refining, I just work better that way, glad he did it the same way and just build an idea in his head and went straight to designing, makes me feel not so alone and "unprofessional".


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