How The NEW Essential Graphics Works in After Effects Tutorial

How The NEW Essential Graphics Works in After Effects Tutorial

Learn how to work with the new Essential Graphics in After Effects so you can export your templates to Adobe Premiere Pro.



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26 replies
  1. Eric Ivey
    Eric Ivey says:

    I don’t know sure seems easier to just modify titles in AE and bring them over to PP. The workflow is kind cumbersome and not intuitive IHO. Thanks for the video though! Really thorough. You are awsome.

  2. Sprollo
    Sprollo says:

    Hey man, I just started uploading some of my work such as my lower thirds and projects that I have done some of the color grading and/or special effects for, and I was wondering if you could give me a shout out so I can get started with my channel. It would be greatly appreciated

  3. Tomás F. Oliveira
    Tomás F. Oliveira says:

    How is it possible to have only 95,000 subscribers with this dedication????!!
    Good job! (I’m Portuguese and I’m using a bit of Google Translate)

  4. Stanimal Video Marketing
    Stanimal Video Marketing says:

    Why can’t I browse another folder for my templates? I only have the option to use the local folder

  5. Bexxy B
    Bexxy B says:

    Hi – I have the updated After Effects CC 2017 spring edition … but I cant find the Essential graphics window ANYWHERE …
    🙁 please help!

  6. Vegard Pedersen
    Vegard Pedersen says:

    if i get a prosjekt If I have a Project from After Effects with Element 3D or another plug-in and open the project in Premiere Pro, will it work?

  7. Video
    Video says:

    How to animate any property with keyframes inside Premiere? In AE I have a text, animated with Range Selector, but i can’t see any keyframe in Premiere (

  8. rinas song
    rinas song says:

    I just updated to CC 2018. I use it mostly offline, and all my fonts are stored locally. I tried to use the Essential Graphics kit for the first time, and when I try to export a template (again, locally, no to the cloud) I get stuck on a dialogue box that says "Verifying Typekit Fonts".

    Any ideas on what could be the problem?

  9. Atisam News
    Atisam News says:

    Why is not Essential Graphics in the Windows window?
    after effect I installed my 2017.1 release, version14.1.0.57

  10. FeedbackWrench
    FeedbackWrench says:

    Love it – thank you for explaining this clearly and showing us. It’s funny – that’s more valuable after effects tutorial than anything you’d learn in school for lots of money.

  11. Daniel Beaudry
    Daniel Beaudry says:

    I wonder why Adobe did not plug this into after effects itself… The way it works now, you can only send in Premiere Pro. It would be practical to have this directly in after effects because I always need templates that I customize. And just to have the convenience of uploading on the cloud your templates would be great!


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