Easily Create LOWER THIRDs in Premiere | Motion Graphics Tutorial

Easily Create LOWER THIRDs in Premiere | Motion Graphics Tutorial

Creating lower thirds can be a great way to display information about a person or a topic. In this Adobe Premiere tutorial, SonduckFilm will show you how to create a great lower third for your video projects. Motion graphics in adobe premiere can help you keep in all in one application.

Lower Third Template: http://bit.ly/2zMSZZr

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32 replies
  1. I know that
    I know that says:

    your animations in the title seems a bit linear… try putting ease out and ease in feature in your keyframes. Looks kinda unprofessional

  2. TheHome OfCybernatics
    TheHome OfCybernatics says:

    Can u please tell me how can i save it as a preset. I mean to say that If I want to use the same lower third in an another place so what is the shortcut? I just want to change the name further after making the first lower third. Please help me

  3. samurai93_
    samurai93_ says:

    Bro I love to watch your videos.. because your way of teaching easy to understand.. but I need some more gaming lower third animation

  4. crypt clown
    crypt clown says:

    Wondering is it easier to create lower thirds in after effects or Premiere? Or does it depend on what I want to combine project with for use later. Like if I want this on something I’m working on in after effects I should use after effects lower third not premiere?

  5. MikeSenzanome
    MikeSenzanome says:

    At 6:29 I’ve been trying again and again and the White bar doens’t flow at the same speed as the black rectangle. Any ideas how to fix it?

  6. Two Scots Abroad
    Two Scots Abroad says:

    Thanks for this video. Appear to have the issue that when I copy and paste it changes the original text/colour matt. Any way to protect the original so I can copy, paste then edit the new copy?


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