Canva Tutorial: Create Beautiful Graphics Quickly, Easily, and for Free!

Canva Tutorial: Create Beautiful Graphics Quickly, Easily, and for Free!

If you’ve ever needed to make a graphic for anything from a poster or business card to a slide or image for Facebook, you really need to check out Canva is a FREE online design program that you can use to make all kinds of different images quickly and easily.

For today’s lesson I’m going to walk you through creating a sample slide advertising an upcoming family campout sponsored by a local church. As I create the slide, you’ll learn how to set up your project, add a background image, create and resize text as well as choose text colors and even line spacing. You’ll also learn how to duplicate an item, move things around on the canvas, and then how to save and download your finished project.

Today’s class is just to get you started with the basics, but Canva can do much more, so go create an account and check it out. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

*Links mentioned in the class:* –
DepositPhotos –

*Looking for a specific section in the video?*
1:00 Overview of various design options
2:19 Entering custom dimensions for your project
3:03 Zooming in and out
3:15 Adding a background image
4:45 Adding the main text on top of the image
5:37 Changing the color of a font
6:05 Changing the font, font size, alignment and line spacing
9:20 Copying elements
12:15 Downloading/saving your completed graphic

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50 replies

    Hay….. Broo…

    Can i use canva make a colase for wedding

    How too make a wedding colase

    And we must how many must pay for use all akses for crative tolls in canva

    An where i can consultation for using canva tutorian in bahasa indonesia

    Thank before

  2. Pam Driesenga
    Pam Driesenga says:

    created a graphic and saved it but how do I know where to find it? also how do I create a NEW graphic without adding on to the original?

  3. Julian
    Julian says:

    Only great speakers are as fluent as you are and so perfect.
    How do you do that? Do you practice a lot?
    The video is so great.

  4. Philip Verghese Ariel
    Philip Verghese Ariel says:

    Hi David,
    Indeed this is an informative class. Though I have been using Canva for some time, this post helped me to know more on creating images for my web/blog pages. @ I just subscribed and waiting for the next class.
    Keep sharing.
    Best Regards.
    ~ Philip

  5. Austin Castle
    Austin Castle says:

    I have a problem, when I go to put a picture on the "paper", I zoom in, the picture goes out of focus, this is annoying, because I am trying to make a quality picture for my bros quality music. PLS help

  6. Monashee
    Monashee says:

    Great video. I love Canva as well. Such a simple tool, and I love that it’s online so it goes everywhere with you.

  7. xNiic CoD
    xNiic CoD says:

    all i need is to know how to change the colors on a damn shape the rest is basic. i wish i could afford photoshop.

  8. Exciting Marmot
    Exciting Marmot says:

    Can someone please explain to me? Please… English not my first language so it is kinda difficult to understand terms and use written in English. My question is just like this: I am designing a book (not only cover, but all of the pages in it). I use so many free images from canva (and also images with little crown sign on it). I already purchase For Work billing per month. So, if i finish designing my book and print it out for like 1000 copies, is it legal or illegal for me to sell books with images from Canva in it? Since I already paid Canva per month (For Work option) so I think it should be legal to use its images to sell my books, right? Thank you

  9. Angela Sims
    Angela Sims says:

    Man, thanks so much for this quick tutorial David. I have been creating flyers from scratch in pwpt and word for ever!!

  10. Tatyana Yeremuk
    Tatyana Yeremuk says:

    i made an image on canva and don’t know how to dowload it to my computer or pinterest.Can anyone help please?

  11. Mari Villar
    Mari Villar says:

    It was helpful, and all, but where did you get the premade text layouts? When I used it, I didn’ see any of that.

  12. Tucker Mattson
    Tucker Mattson says:

    this is the worst video ive ever seen and my nephew can help you he’s 6 by the way so get a new job this is so trash

  13. Suzann Izabella Jensen
    Suzann Izabella Jensen says:

    Hey David,

    Thank you for a awesome video.! Do you have any ide why canva, make kaos in the text and it translate the text into english??
    Kindly regards Suzann

  14. Linda Nicholas
    Linda Nicholas says:

    this is excellent! I am looking forward to having some fun creating all sorts of stuff with Canva! thanks so much for sharing this how to.

  15. Mango Leaf Internet Radio
    Mango Leaf Internet Radio says:

    David is this the only site yu recommend for free prof. graphics? can I create thumbnails with this program?

  16. Shawn Clark, Realtor
    Shawn Clark, Realtor says:

    I’d like to know how to make that angled photo with the MAC screen at the end of your video. Similarly, the angled ebooks that people use sometimes. Thanks! Great video.

  17. Flimbo
    Flimbo says:

    Hi David! congrats for the amazing review and great content. Could you kindly have look at Flimbo? we are a design web app with free icons, photos and templates! Feel free to do a review 😉


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