3ds Max-2018 – Tutorial for beginners [overview]*

3ds Max-2018 – Tutorial for beginners [overview]*

[VOICE + TEXT)], to Learn a new way, Autodesk 3ds Max, 2018. 3ds Max-2018-tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
It is a show or a playlist guide (single video) if you don’t make requests.
To enable subtitles if you have difficulty in understanding the narrative. Leave comments if you can!

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  1. spaceace1288
    spaceace1288 says:

    Thank you for this video! it explained the basics in great depth, and quickly at the same time. Every single detail was told, which was the best part. It is a great starter for fast-paced people (Don’t get me started on the slow school curriculum), and if there were more tutorials like this, I would definetly watch them. I’ve been using Gamemaker Studio as an engine for my game, when I previously DIDN’T have access to great software OR great hardware. However, through BCPS’s offers, Autodesk offers basically all of their software free as long as you’re enrolled. People like me aren’t given these advantages OR told anything in the first place, and it’s been like that for my whole life. Suddenly, a great gaming teacher’s class I got enrolled in, and I was able to take my career of Indie Game Design seriously.
    I am quick and efficient in programming, and always back up to ensure perfection (To an extent). I was unable to finish my game that I was working on due to lack of 2D Art, and don’t even try to tell me to hire artists — I don’t have that money, can’t get it, and don’t have the time. Also, rights from my game would be transferred to them also, so that’s the situation.

    Short images (and a video) of my game are displayed at spaceace1288.github.io

    It tells the contents, explains the mechanics in depth. The game was originally chosen to be a spaceship shooter PRIMARILY BECAUSE of lack of 2D Art. However, it expanded to include several game categories into one. It’s mechanics are so great, but sometimes in life, you just have to let stuff go (school takes up too much time, and teaches what I don’t need. Also, certain areas have classes and equipment I can’t obtain, and I already am FORCED to take CHINESE online instead of JAPANESE, what I really want and would help me in life and socially (and trade). Also, those 40 hours are still sitting there.)

    I moved to Unity as my engine, and 3DS Max because I got it free. I am glad(Not really because other people had this since, what, freaking elementary school?)

    When I watch youtube series’s, I slow down and absorb every detail explain many many times during the video. From this tutorial alone, I’ve tried to create a 3D Sword. The general shapes and positioning may not be the best, but that’s not because of my skill or ability: It’s because I need to learn more.

    Agh, FPNL turned off my lights and power. RIP. They probably aren’t even fixing anything due to being racist/stereotypical, because they left for a while now. I already had trouble purchasing this hardware due to the people being sorta stereotypical at Best Buy, and… I sat there with someone I brought for like, 30 minutes to an hour before someone actually even acknowledged our presence.

  2. Patrick Reyes
    Patrick Reyes says:

    Help! im making a project in 3dsmax 2018. apparently when i rendered my final work the bitmap material doesn’t show in the final output. btw i used shell material for the bitmap image textures. Thanks! can someone help?

  3. Ratchet the last Lombax
    Ratchet the last Lombax says:

    for some reason It wont let me modify the object it just get stuck in rescale OR move or rotate…. basically i am just moving blocks around poking and seeing what it would happen I followed instruction I selected Polygon modeling and nothing happens and it just continue moving the selected item am I doing something wrong here?

  4. jim jon
    jim jon says:

    Good intro. Realized need to watch this before viewing the Autodesk Learning Chanel intro.

    BTW, chamfer is pronounced with a "ch" as in choo choo. Camphor as pronounced in the video @9:32 is a type of tree.


    Very interesting!!! The tutor makes it more interesting. clear English words; its like that ur dad feeding u ur favourite meal. 🍝🍗🎂🍰🍧🍨🍦🍖 yamyamyam😆🤗.. I just start studying game and animation thank you sir for lessen.

  6. Fabian Borg
    Fabian Borg says:

    Should do more 3DS Max 2018 tutorials and label them as part 1, part 2, etc… I don’t mind the robotic voice


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