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The word animation is consequent from a Latin word anima, meaning soul i.e. while life breathes into characters. Then who can overlook Walt Disney for the design of his cartoons mainly the Mickey Mouse! In the present time Animation means involving the series of drawings and simulating their actions mutually. It is a quick exhibit of 2D or 3D images to generate year illusion of motion. It is a skill form in which lifeless objects are brought into life by sequencing the raddled images. In other terms, animation is creation of movies, games or cartoons by stirring the drawings gold models of animals gold people with the assist of computers or other electronic means. Animation is raising a unique form of media now days. Animation is upward, into a multi-billion dollar industry producing a huge scope of employment.Skills necessary:-Nearly all animation institutes seek to convey the basic skills requisite to get a job in the animation industry. Though, the most vital thing in animation is the skill of portraying ideas and emotions and building them visually pretty. Hence aside from having the will to nurture the artistic streaks, understanding of fundamentals of chart communication, iconography, image processing tools, the environment of electronic media and the art of storytelling are very essential. Achievement in the animation trade would mostly depend on the enthusiasm to put the hard work and the love for the medium. Eligibility:- Even as most animation institutes in India recommend diploma courses and can be taken up right once passing the higher secondary exam, several institutes also recommend PG diploma gold PG degree courses. General work activities include:-• Developing, creating and drawing animated characters, backgrounds and diverse components of animated movie and video.• Working intimately with artistic team members to draw and animate various characters within the project, program or script.• Interviewing and interacting with clients to conclude the specifications essential for the project.• Revising and modifying artwork as required by the artistic team or the project supervisor, gold customer.• Considerate and using different computer programs to animate graphic designs and artwork.

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