Courses in video editing in Vancouver, Burnaby

Our private training course is  the solution you need to learn how to edit your videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. You will greatly benefit from our hands-on sessions led by industry pros who walk you through each step of capturing, editing and delivering remarkable videos. Whether you need training on Premiere Pro Cc or a previous version of Adobe InDesign, the instructor  will coach you on all the techniques and features you need to edit and fine-tune your productions. The teaching is adapted to your skill level and the course content is customized to your projects and goals.

Workshop on Adobe After Effects in Vancouver

Enabling the student to comprehend and optimally use the main functionalities of Adobe Premiere Pro to create cinematic productions.

Learn Motion Design with this Adobe After Effects Masterclass in Vancouver

Basic elements, introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

. Predefined and personalized configuration
. Ergonomic interface
. Importation of audiovisual elements
. Location and association of image and sound
. Organization of audiovisual content in the Adobe Premiere Pro interface

Building of an assembly

. Management of editing elements (sound and image)
. Knowledge of editing tools audiovisual elements
. Use and handling of effects and transitions
. Parameters and characteristics of an element and custom changes

Use and animation of calligraphic characters

. Entitle the video and add end credits
. Animate and add effects to the text

Rendering and video exportation

. The compression of image and sound
. Windows, Flash, Real, Quick Time, mpeg2, mpeg4, 3GP
. Exportation for the Web