Tutorial: Football/Soccer Kit Design | Photoshop CC by Qehzy

Tutorial: Football/Soccer Kit Design | Photoshop CC by Qehzy

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I also found a FREE template to use here: http://jay5204.deviantart.com/art/Football-Kit-Template-485727638

Order Graphics Here: http://www.qehzy.com/order.html
Last Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0skOhG6BLO4

Template I used: https://yellowimages.com/search/?q=soccer+kit&t=product&c=2598
FREE template i found: http://jay5204.deviantart.com/art/Football-Kit-Template-485727638
My New Template ($5) 6 Mock-ups: https://sellfy.com/p/JU1R/
My NFL project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/40986921/NFL-Soccer-Kits
My Copa90 feature: https://copa90.com/all/amazing-nfl-football-concept-kits

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46 replies
  1. dank Bank
    dank Bank says:

    wondering how you did the green bay one, I noticed there was like a fade kind of middle stripe and i just wanted to know how you did it thanks

  2. Bandit#Shuggy
    Bandit#Shuggy says:

    Hello Qwzy pretty please I want to buy you after sellfy packuri yes I can paypal paysavecard day and give you Skype add andrei.teodosiu1 pretty please I need your material

  3. Mzilikazi Mashobane
    Mzilikazi Mashobane says:

    can you give me the names of other companies like yellow images…. i want to design my own clothes…sports apparel?
    thank you

    QIU HUANG says:

    Hello, I’m from China, and I’d like to learn the stereoscopic clothes like this, so I want to know that the template is done with other software and then made with PHOTO SHOP, right? I look forward to your reply, thank you.

  5. Frederick Roberto Segura Navarro
    Frederick Roberto Segura Navarro says:

    I would be very interested to have it since I have a soccer academy and I create my own uniforms, so I would be interested to know how you can get that system.

  6. ZKTV
    ZKTV says:

    The Bengals kits you made are so cool! How much time did it take to do the project? Im thinking of making a futsal team with my friends and I want a jersey like the white with the tiger stripes on the side. Can I work with you on making my dream a reality.

  7. PomBare
    PomBare says:

    Football kit template software has been way behind the times for too long. This is the type of user friendly, realistic software that is long overdue, however the price given it only offers 1 view, collar etc is just not fair.

  8. PomBare
    PomBare says:

    Did you get the brazil kit by default? I downloaded the apparel which showed that brazil kit, but the package i got didn’t actually include it, or any logos.

  9. Raul Guitron
    Raul Guitron says:

    what are the size measurements for the light blue guides? Did they come with this particular TIFF file already or did you do them?


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