Resolve 14 Crash Course! – DaVinci Resolve Basics Tutorial 2017

Resolve 14 Crash Course! – DaVinci Resolve Basics Tutorial 2017



Here’s a freaking massive tutorial on the basics of Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 14. This should give you enough knowledge to be dangerous with the app and actually get some stuff done.

Settings – 3:00
Resolve Layout – 3:27
Media Tab – 3:38
Edit Tab – 5:53
Color Tab – 16:59
Fairlight – 37:18
Deliver – 42:58

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  1. Dmytro Yaroshenko
    Dmytro Yaroshenko says:

    Finally a good video that I havent spent 40 minutes of my life. Great Job! I liked it x2 Like.
    Keep this mood. It was very helpfull for me.


    Hi Casey; I found your tutorial extremely helpful, I was wondering if it’s possible to add frames on davinci, like a top and bottom black stripe that is used to make the video look more cinamatic. I hope you understood what I meant. Thanks

  3. Some Guy
    Some Guy says:

    You saved me quite a bit of money with this video. I cancelled my adobe sub that I just started. Got the program. So easy. Does exactly the same as premiere. Even better on some things. And free. God damn.

  4. Mr. T
    Mr. T says:

    Thank you! this tutorial is freaking awesome! I was about to give up before even starting but your video made me want to try it again!

  5. Ernesto Herbert Levy
    Ernesto Herbert Levy says:

    Tks for taking your time to prepare such a useful material for a newbie like me. I was about to give up using Da Vinci when a encoutered your vídeo. Tks a lot! Now I have a head start!

  6. Jason Tabet
    Jason Tabet says:

    Hey Casey thanks for the tutorials super helpful.
    Im doing an architecture assignment do you think you might be able to demonstrate and teach some inception like city bending?

  7. Nicolas Bouliane
    Nicolas Bouliane says:

    This is the best crash video I’ve ever seen on YouTube. It covers everything and goes straight to the point. I usually struggle to watch the first few minutes of a video, but I watched this one without any difficulty. Good job Casey!

    REMIX MACHI says:

    i want one help iam take a xml out from a Premiere Pro CC and i lode that xml out in resolve but it is not loded correctly the all clip where mismatch in the timeline how to solve this and place the clip correctly please help me please

  9. Jonathan Jean
    Jonathan Jean says:

    I see your very knowledgeable but how is this a basic tutorial? you speed through most of the topics as though your speaking to editing pros. Last time I checked crash course means this vid is for beginners no?

  10. The Wolf Brothers
    The Wolf Brothers says:

    Hi, great video! But do you know why that is because the video is always so jerky when I edit it? Sometimes I only have 1-2 FPS, so doing that with Resolve does not make sense …… I would be happy to receive an answer!

  11. Jeahan Derampatun
    Jeahan Derampatun says:

    Wow. You’re tutorial is really good. What laptop are you using here? Or what budget laptop can you recommend for this?

  12. Spuddy Trash
    Spuddy Trash says:

    Finally a tutorial that:
    a) does not assume you are an idiot
    b) does not waste your time
    c) is obviously done by someone who knows what they are talking about.
    Thanks Casey… best tutorials I have seen in years of learning from Youtube!

  13. Alexandre Mihanovich
    Alexandre Mihanovich says:

    Amazing course, thank you. Since I’m primarily a music producer, and secondarily I mess with video, I must say I don’t agree in general with the audio options in video editing software. A lot of work goes into reaching a good audio – in a good system with good audio monitors – and the video editor should not be able to mess with it afterwards, compressing and equalizing it to his audio monitors, which usually suck. If the editor uses it just for his listening while working and then uses the final original mix for the final film, ok, but that’s not what happens usually. I’m tired of seeing films on air where I did the music, and it was sounding good in the studio, sounding like crap on the final film. Surely some one messed with it in poor audio conditions. Video editing software should have just an audio track for reference and nothing else. In my opinion, obviously. Thank you for the crash course!

  14. Jose Luis AnCu
    Jose Luis AnCu says:

    I have a really big problem… I want to speed up a drone video to do the zoom out effect but when I try to speed it up, the framespersecond just go nuts… how can I speed it up without the fps doing so? PLEASE HELP

  15. Cat Winter
    Cat Winter says:

    Great Video thx! i have a problem with downloading my files to the Media Pool. Once downloaded to the Media Pool, my files are rotated by 90C. Would you know how to have them as per their original inclination (ie Not rotated)? Many thanks

  16. Zoltan Nagy
    Zoltan Nagy says:

    You’re scaring me. Overload for a newbie. I had to rewind and replay often to catch what you were showing. So I practised more with Resolve, then watched your tutorial again, and now it’s making sense. Thanks.

  17. Blaze Konzel
    Blaze Konzel says:

    Is there a way to add an effect through color grading over a period of time instead of the whole clip being graded?

  18. Jim Domi
    Jim Domi says:

    When making a video like this, can you please speak slower and don’t zip the fucking cursor around. It’s fucking annoying!!! all I hear is blah blah blah and watch a fucking cursor flying around

  19. Red Con One Media
    Red Con One Media says:

    What about effects and such? I want to roll out some highspeed videos or video intros and want a program with some great effects.

  20. J. Oakley
    J. Oakley says:

    Can I get some good grading done with Resolve using my new MacBook Pro 15”? I’ve heard it could be a pain. I also just saw a video of a guy claiming he could use resolve on a MacBook Air. Would like to be able to use this since it comes with the new BMPCC.

  21. Dan Smedra
    Dan Smedra says:

    Great video training, Casey. As a senior (almost 70), all I need to remember is to be adequately caffeinated. Haha. Now you need to point me in the right direction to build a relatively ‘future-proof’ Windows editing workstation. 😉


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