My First Graphic Design Portfolio for Job Interviews

My First Graphic Design Portfolio for Job Interviews

I briefly talk through my first proper graphic design portfolio that I’m taking to ‘junior designer’ job interviews.

Do you need a degree to become a graphic designer? I’m figuring that out. I’m a self-taught graphic designer who has created their first design portfolio without going to university.

I will be doing these little portfolio presentations on a regular basis to show you how my work progresses over time. Hopefully it gives you some direction and a place to start if you’re in the same boat and feel a bit lost.



The best books to teach yourself Graphic Design

How I use an iPad Pro as a Designer

How I got my first Design job

My first Graphic Design portfolio


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  1. Charlotte Potter
    Charlotte Potter says:

    With the different projects, do they have to be requested or can you just create a rebranding project yourself?

  2. ho la
    ho la says:

    Your book covers are just aesthetically pleasing and astonishing. 😤😍 hope u become popular someday, your works are everything 🙆🏻✨

  3. Monica Arellano
    Monica Arellano says:

    I love the variety of projects in your portfolio. Thanks for sharing. I found your comment about creating interesting social media content really helpful. I’m about to graduate from design school so seeing how people organize and show their portfolios attract potential employers is always really insightful.

  4. YouNo CanHas
    YouNo CanHas says:

    You need to work on your self confidence man. You got a lot of weird hang ups. Like feeling snooty for displaying your portfolio on a iPad Pro…..that’s just weird, that’s how I show mine off and it’s the best way to do
    It. Your work is good. You should be proud of showing off your portfolio. I love showing mine off for 1001+ reasons

  5. blackvelvet
    blackvelvet says:

    I’m currently in a nursing program rn, studying in a community college and i feel like i dont want to pursue that career. its more of like im pursuing it because i know my parents would be happy that im going for a career that has an available job everywhere, but i wanted to pursue graphic designing, its just that im being held back by disappointing my parents and telling me that id be jobless and stuff like that

  6. Sophie Melissa
    Sophie Melissa says:

    I lived next to High Wycombe most of my life, funnily enough the chair museum was a favourite day out when we were younger! Great portfolio

  7. medha tikkha
    medha tikkha says:

    hey please tell me if we want to design our portfolio interesting but only have 2-3 project so what would be your suggestions we have to do from our portfolio.

  8. nefbydesign.
    nefbydesign. says:

    I just wanted to say man your portfolio was beyond my expectation and I have the up most respect your work/craft, good sht my g!! You should never feel worried about showing others your work because it’s flawless!!

  9. christina marie
    christina marie says:

    Thank you for being so human and relatable with this type of content. I just graduated with my BS in Graphic Information Technology and I’m currently trying to pursue a career in graphic work. To hear your stories and your perspective on the field really calms my nerves and reminds me that we are all human. For some reason in my mind I hype up designers to be gods of the creative world and it almost becomes this unattainable goal that i see. You change that for me and make me feel like i can do it!

  10. Sofia Simone
    Sofia Simone says:

    I have a question about the design of the web page/app at 3:10 did you have to study conputer programming for doing that? or you just designed it and someone else put it there?

  11. Nezuumi
    Nezuumi says:

    I can see that you mostly include creations that would actually be put in a real world scenarios, logos, book covers, web designs etc but what about a full on artwork/Illustration? Like for example some flat artworks, photo manipulated images, digital painting those kinds of works what do you think about them?

  12. em lonoma
    em lonoma says:

    great vid, wonderful work. the fact that digital is becoming so widespread is so sad to me! works great for your pieces but imo, nothing beats a physical portfolio with printed or handmade pieces to show off. love your channel!

  13. donnydanko
    donnydanko says:

    Hey Charlie, really appreciate your videos. I’m trying to get a job as a graphic designer without having gone to design school. I wanna ask where these projects commissoned? or where they simply projects you wanted to do on your own?

  14. The ledgend 27
    The ledgend 27 says:

    I’m doing my graphics gcse now, it’s so fun because all the other subjects I chose were really hard like geography triple science and history so having graphics is awesome.

  15. The Blueish Balls
    The Blueish Balls says:

    You should totally do more organic and ilustrative shapes. The Perfume book cover is by far the better work you have in your portfolio (not that the others are bad, by any means!)

  16. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    I saw your video on my recommendations and subscribed immediately! I am a graphic designer graduating from college and I am really happy that I found your channel x


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