Adobe Flash Training in Calgary and Winnipeg

Brief Description Courses flash course in Edmonton

Flash is a multimedia platform used to create animations, advertisements  and design elements, add interactivity to Websites and to develop ”Rich Internet Applications” (RIAs). This training course will explore with you the various approaches to creating animations that employ graphics, sound and interactive content. This workshop on Flash is valuable for those who need to create animations, interactive Web elements, dynamic presentations, or animated diagrams. In accordance to your goals and skill level, you will learn the fundamentals, the basic and intermediate concepts or the new and advanced features necessary to create and enhance your designs. Contact us to optimize your use of Flash with this hands-on training class.


This course enables the student to understand and use Flash for his interactive media projects.

Course Content

. Vector graphics
. The tools and their properties
. The colors and shades
. Specific text fields
. Image import, dissociation
. Animation creation
. Scenario keyframes
. Integration and animation
. Management of time, space and depth
. Movement in time
. Reading management and loop
. Motion tween, shape
. Animation management
. Distinction between symbols and instances
. Library organization
. Bodies and modification of objects
. Features of movieclips, effects
. Duplication animation
. Onion skinning, visual aids
. Rendering
. Export formats, publishing
. Animation optimization
. Importing animation into HTML
. Tag object distinction IE/Mozilla
. Introduction to Action Script
. Animation control