Learn Photoshop for Photographers! (Beginner Tutorial)

Learn Photoshop for Photographers! (Beginner Tutorial)

WARNING: This is a very basic/beginner tutorial and it’s very fast-paced!
Learn all the basics that a photographer needs to know in this detailed Photoshop tutorial!
We’ll cover image navigation, selections, tonal adjustments, sharpening, exporting images, color changing tricks, and much more in this tutorial.


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  1. Carla E Photography
    Carla E Photography says:

    Great quick recap of the basics. How’d ya know I slowed ya down to 75%…and even with that had to rewind a few seconds, a few times, to capture some of it, LOL! Thank you for the tutorials!

  2. Steven Neaves
    Steven Neaves says:

    Awesome man! I remember recommending this tutorial a couple months back, awesome to see it come to fruition! I’m used to you speaking fast so I love it 😂


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