How To Use Canva – Tutorial!

How To Use Canva – Tutorial!

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How To Use Canva – a tutorial! Create beautiful graphic designs easily, and for FREE!
I LOVE using Canva, I use it for everything! For social media, posters, business cards, pinterest pins, PDFs… the options really are endless! is a FREE program you can use to make images quickly and easily. Use their templates they offer or choose custom dimensions to create anything and everything you need!

I walk you through the basics to show you how easy it is to use Canva. Comment below if you have any questions or a request for future tip videos!

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50 replies
  1. Lydia Avila
    Lydia Avila says:

    This appears to be a demonstration of the paid version, she doesn’t say it, but I am on canva as I am watching her. I am on the free version it doesn’t provide any of this. Free is extremely limited.Cool..It is a nice site.

  2. Dorothy in Wonderland
    Dorothy in Wonderland says:

    I’m just getting into editing and all this with no background in Knowing what I’m doing lol so thanks for this video it helps so much super simple to fallow 💖

  3. MySanFelipeVacation
    MySanFelipeVacation says:

    Greetings Marley. I have 2 question

    1. I created a new Pinterest template in Canva
    2. I then go to Elements and then Frames
    3. I drag one of the frame unto the white Layout
    4. How can I get the Frame to snap into place and cover 100% of the Layout?

    How can I set the background color within Frame ? I’d like to make it all white for example.

    Thank you

  4. Veronica Wanzer
    Veronica Wanzer says:

    It’s embarressing how much I’ve struggled with Canva, but uou make it look easy breezy, Marley. I’m going to give it a nother shot!

  5. Lety xicotencatl
    Lety xicotencatl says:

    Hello, how can I create an invitation to a makeup party and have it be double sided ? I am able to make the front but not sure if I am adding a second invitation when clicking the + or really making it double sided ? Have only downloaded the app on iPhone .Thanks !

  6. Wisdom Calls
    Wisdom Calls says:

    I saw someone on a video doing freeform resizing in canva and I cannot remember the trick for doing that. Everything I try to resize just scales and I cant figure it out. What’s the trick?

  7. Tom Schofield
    Tom Schofield says:

    Hi Marley, Thank you for your informative tutorial, very helpful!Just with transparent images if I upload my very own JPG image but it already has a white background, can I remove that white background?  Appreciate your input. Thank you . Sarah

  8. Dennis Schultz
    Dennis Schultz says:

    I know your busy I still need help designing a design for my business and how can I fix the background on a logo I made from somewhere else with white box around it

  9. Digital Super Life
    Digital Super Life says:

    Hey Marley, love your tutorials! Just a quick question – is it possible to flip (mirrorview) icons and lines etc in Canva?

  10. MCshadowRaider
    MCshadowRaider says:

    hmm everytime I try to put another image on top of the background the background keeps on being replaced with a different image? What do I do?>

  11. Susie Seitz King
    Susie Seitz King says:

    For beginners, like me, you went way too fast explaining. Almost like too much info at once, too. I know you know where to click click click. Then there are those of us who have a hard time grasping technology. One step at a time with clearer visuals. I couldn’t take notes to keep up with you, lol. But it is a lovely video. I wish I was more adept with computers. Unfortunately, this just got me confused and flustered. Thank you for sharing, though! 🙂

  12. Fatimah R Al-Sadah
    Fatimah R Al-Sadah says:

    Thank you so much, this tutorial was so helpful.i have a few questions
    – How can I know if my products have been used and how can I receive/make money out of that ?
    – Can I upload a PSD file or should everything be done using canva?

    Thank you once again <3


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