How to Make Logo in Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners – Basic Idea

How to Make Logo in Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners – Basic Idea

Hey, so you are going to make your own YouTube Channel, or facebook page, or even a Brand, you need to design a logo for it that will become your identity. Sometimes you cannot hire a Professional designer to create a Logo for you because it gonna cost you a lot. Here is the Solution for all you Poor people (Like me), Create your own Professional Looking Logo for yourself, all inside in Photoshop. No need creativity or designing skill required, just simple few steps to follow, and you are good to go.



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50 replies
  1. Ivan Radica
    Ivan Radica says:

    I don’t understand how Alt + left arrow works. Can someone explain it to me? When I press it, it doesnt copy text in the way he does.

  2. RammusTheArmordillo
    RammusTheArmordillo says:

    My motherfucking settings of photoshop don’t allow me to easily center like he does at 4:03
    What am I doing wrong?

    (I tried adding guides and snapping to them but it doesn’t work, best I can have is a red line when I’m exactly on the horizontal guide but it doesn’t even try to lock on it. The vertical guide straight out tells me to fuck off)

  3. Chris Vaughn
    Chris Vaughn says:

    alt + back is not filling the color on mine. maybe because it’s a MacBook, but most of the time when I watch tutorials there’s always one little detail that doesn’t happen. never fails


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