First steps with the sculpture – ZBrush beginner Tutorial

First steps with the sculpture – ZBrush beginner Tutorial

In this ZBrush beginner Tutorial, we will cover all the necessary tools that you need to know to start with ZBrush! Facilities include, among other things, with the Zspheres, mask, dynamesh, user interface, brushes, and much more.

ZBrush is really a great tool, but it can be difficult to learn if you are not a technical character of the person, or if you are not working with the 3D modeling, on a daily basis.

For a detailed description of the courses, please see our 3 hour with the introduction of ZBrush:

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  1. boran küçükşahinoğlu
    boran küçükşahinoğlu says:

    hi ı got a question : when ı use the symetry that brushes doesnt work simultaniously . I mean there is a different pressure both of them . how can ı solve this ?

  2. Alek Lubczynski
    Alek Lubczynski says:

    Great video. Can you tell me how to load ZPR fils and be able to edit them in 3d? I created 3 spheres. I save the file as a ZPR. I load it back and cannot work on my entire tool but only on the last one sphere I created. Please let me know hoe to select all objects and edit them in 3d again. Thank you

  3. Gabriel Monteiro Fernandes
    Gabriel Monteiro Fernandes says:

    This is a FANTASTIC introduction to the basic tools and tips to get started with ZBrush, even nicer to watch because you guys are fun. I have a few questions for you and I hope you can reply to me here. I come from the programming world and I am very much interested in 3D modeling and sculpting. I had bought one course of Maya but then I learned 3ds Max is more used for modeling specifically, so I refunded the course and bought two on Udemy of Max. But I know that the majority if not all of the incredibly detailed and professional 3D modelings are made with ZBrush, and now I’m thinking about refunding for a second time and purchasing a course of ZBrush because I am high.
    I ask you, you showed how you start sculpting without any reference using ZSphere, so what’s the use of Maya or 3ds Max in matters of modeling? I mean, you can reach the same results with those as you do in ZBrush, after all, they’re all polygons, but ZBrush would certainly be easier considering you have the skills? Not calling them useless at all, but I fail to see the deal since probably all of the characters in everything that has 3D use ZBrush, do you understand what I mean? I do not want to offend anything nor anyone, so I apologize if I do, I’m a total beginner. Perhaps Maya/Max would be more useful for props in a game or movie? Again, regarding only the modeling.
    Thank you, you two.

  4. DutchDread
    DutchDread says:

    I have a question, I’ve been working with Zbrush, and have learned to hate it. I need to do one simple thing and I just can’t get it to work and for some reason I can’t even find out IF it’s even possible.

    Can I fucking export normal maps with HD geometry as the highest level of detail?

    You’d think this was a simple question, the answer to which was easily found, but you’d be wrong.
    I made an entire freaking HD geometry model before finding out I couldn’t export is as an OBJ, which already makes it nearly worthless IMHO but ok, I’ll bake the normals in Zbrush. Even though the base mesh has changed slightly now.
    However, between all the crashes I’ve found out Zbrush has thrown away my UV’s.

    So before I continue wasted more time with this nightmare of a program, can anyone tell me if it’s even possible to export HD normals?

  5. Without Direction
    Without Direction says:

    This is actually quite a useful tutorial. It’s kind of disappointing how many videos on YouTube just have the uploaded talk about the same useless concepts in loop for ten minutes strait. In the first ten minutes of this video I learned more here than a solid twenty videos uploaded from other users. Thank you very much for a genuinely helpful and informative video. Please keep up the incredible work.

  6. A1D456B5
    A1D456B5 says:

    It seems Zbrush developers is just some kind of perverts which is watching people F***ing with their program and touch themselves:/

  7. Jez I AM
    Jez I AM says:

    What courses of yours would you recommend regarding the Theory of Sculpting which you touched on at 56:56s ?? I’m both new to Zbrush and to Sculpting and wouldn’t even call myself an artist as such, so I’m looking for beginners lessons in all of that from yourselves as I’m extremely impressed with how you approach training. I really feel like I’ve found gold with you guys 🙂 Many thanks.

  8. GroteDaniels
    GroteDaniels says:

    37:05 mirroring the eyes, I simply can’t do it, it’s not working. I keep getting message -The resulting 3D mesh does not contain any polygons. Operation cancelled.

  9. Michaël Randriamiandriray
    Michaël Randriamiandriray says:

    I agree that ZBrush UI sucks and looks messed up from a glance, but once you get accustomed to it, you’ll see it’s quite clever…the only problem I found after leaving ZBrush for while was to be able to recall all my useful tools all at once; I have to think twice before I can remember the best approach, haha

  10. Ezra Casas
    Ezra Casas says:

    I literally started Zbrush 36 minutes ago, i’m at 35:00 and i have created my first ever alien. 😐 It s different, ya know, because i wanted it to make my own.
    Coming from blender, i’m reluctant to say that zbrush is king in sculpting. It normally takes me about 30 minutes (given i’m new to sculpting) to create a head in blender and it took me about 10-15 minutes in Zbrush. My god….
    Now i look back and ask my 40minute self ago, "why the f&&& did you not learn this back then?"


    Thank you flippednormals, i’ve sub to your channel. (Y)

  11. Jez I AM
    Jez I AM says:

    Absolutely superb training – fantastic approach to have two people teaching, each plugging up any gaps. Absolutely the best (and I’ve tried them all !). I’m over on your website, choosing courses 🙂 Many thanks.

  12. Ugly Troll
    Ugly Troll says:

    I need help dude. is there a way to turn off the movement of the model by tap/draging on the tablet/canvas? it’s a pain in the ASS! i can already move the model by simply left clicking and dragging it, so i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need to figure out how to turn the tap/drag off.

  13. Вадим Свирид
    Вадим Свирид says:

    Can you explain some of total workflow. I mean. Zbrush isnt a lowpoly so we got tons of poly and computer resorces vanishes. Is it possible to retopology to lowpoly in zbrush? Or i should use maya?

  14. Wellmeetinourdreams
    Wellmeetinourdreams says:

    thanks alot love the dynamic of two people teaching me. One person gets real boring, and honestly as a stundent i cant imagine how much more helpful it would be if a second teacher was able to hop in and give their two cents. We’re all learning together, life isnt easy. shit too deep. Nice video <3

  15. lazy man here
    lazy man here says:

    I came here to see if it was worth buying. I dont like the UI and changed my mind. I do have a question though. Why do people pay 900 dollars for this when blender is free?

  16. Dvs Charmz
    Dvs Charmz says:

    absolutely enjoyed your video! Also enjoyed the fun way you guys compliment each other. Most helpful zbrush vid out there! Thank You So Much!

  17. Mausenberg
    Mausenberg says:

    great tutorial, however, one thing I can not do, I tried several times and nothing. The moment with copying the eye 37:00. For me it just does not work, the eye does not copy. What can I do wrong?

  18. TwistedSister/Haratiofales
    TwistedSister/Haratiofales says:

    So Z Brush is like way better than Blender for a Sculpting tool, but 700 to 1000 dollars. They can suck my left nut. Blender is just fine for what I am doing. It takes on average about an hour longer to sculp an average figure in Blender as compared to Z Brush. And now with Blender 2.8, I dont know it might be even the same. I haven’t checked it out yet. I dont mind paying around 100 to 200 for something like Z Brush/Mudbox/3Dcoat/SubstancePainter/Roadkill, (ect>ect) if its easier/better. But when I can do the same thing in Blender for the most part that all of these programs can do, well. I’m going to stick with Blender. For one thing, I’m so broke I can’t pay attention, and I’m so poor that I can’t afford to fly off the handle. I have to go Greyhound off the handle.

  19. Indian Einstein
    Indian Einstein says:

    ctl + end is not working. again I imported the model and tried to orbit(rotate) the camera using alt + rite click etc something happnd and did undo imported actual model is gone and star appeared ! my model never came back

  20. Ivan Georgiev
    Ivan Georgiev says:

    Really liked how you started slowly in the beginning, i wish the whole video was kept at this slow beginners pace, because at the sculpting part -BAM you started pressing buttons faster and the explanations became too chaotic for a beginner. But with tons of rewinds (and abusing my left arrow on the keyboard) I did learn a lot!

  21. KingDuck
    KingDuck says:

    I really loved the way, you both explaining the software together and is refreshing as well, but try not to overlap each other while talking. Anyways awesome tutorial , Thank you.

  22. StitchBaby
    StitchBaby says:

    thanks for the vid. A quick question. do you have any recommendations for the Mem setting for high-end PC(with 16G RAM windows 10)? It’s getting really slow even with less than 1mil Points. Thank you


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