Create & Animate Lower Third Graphics and Titles in Premiere Pro CC

Create & Animate Lower Third Graphics and Titles in Premiere Pro CC

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In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at creating and animating a lower third graphic in Premiere Pro which you can use for titles, identifying who is on screen or even to promote your social media profiles. We have the option to create a lower third graphic either in Photoshop or Premiere Pro and we’ll cover both options in this tutorial so you can do what you want the way you want!

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  1. D'Anthony Rosado
    D'Anthony Rosado says:

    Dope video @tutvid! Thank you very much for the tutorial, my one question for you is how do you add the Instagram or Twitter logo etc. to it?

  2. Phillip Stirling
    Phillip Stirling says:

    dude shut up you talk too much i just wanna see how you do it, this was the worst tut i ever watched i fucking hate you

  3. Leight Jesmer
    Leight Jesmer says:

    Hey man can you make an updated version for the new CC? They’ve deleted the title option under New Item’s and well, I’m sad.

  4. The Element 4
    The Element 4 says:

    I need to learn how to do the CNN style lower third. Is there a video out there in which I can learn how to do it?

  5. ThatOneAppleUser
    ThatOneAppleUser says:

    This is going to help me so much!! I’m part of an news cast for LGMS and this will help us improve the news cats

  6. InvestmentMob
    InvestmentMob says:

    Thanks …you have a new subscriber…only wish I watched this 2 hours ago as I was cursing out my computer!!! Lol

  7. Marky Mark
    Marky Mark says:

    hi, thanks for the good video, but at 3:18 and choosing new item- title, I don’t have any of those controls like the magnifying glass, the folder, or the new item. I have premier pro cc, same as you. Thanks anyway.

  8. rohit bisht
    rohit bisht says:

    I actually wanted to learn what happened at the END of the video with the coloured circle. Those video effects anyone can see in the effects options


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