ANIMATE a Social Card with the new ESSENTIAL GRAPHICS in Premiere Pro |

ANIMATE a Social Card with the new ESSENTIAL GRAPHICS in Premiere Pro | – Animate a social card with the new Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro, save it as a template and integrate Social Media in your videos.

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  1. Misty Elam
    Misty Elam says:

    This is pretty awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this. Is there a way to change the overall size once it’s all said and done? I might have made it a little too big and was hoping to scale it down without recreating the whole thing. TIA

  2. Tom DelRosario
    Tom DelRosario says:

    When I downloaded the template, it couldn’t find the Instagram jpeg. Is there any way to just point the graphic to the correct file? I can add a graphic layer later, but then I’d have to recreate all the keyframes.

  3. Kountry Keith
    Kountry Keith says:

    Great Tutorial. Is the instagram icon that comes with your project copyright free? If I add the icon to my video, will I get in trouble ?

  4. Ben Sanders
    Ben Sanders says:

    That’s awesome!
    Mine is a little slower but I’m sure the more I make stuff like this the better I’ll get at it. Thanks for the video.

  5. yash charde
    yash charde says:

    If I save it in local drive or in essential graphics and load it again it’s not working it’s blank what should I do? Reply repy

  6. SA Production
    SA Production says:

    When I used key frame it’s show red line and it was needed to rendering.. But when you use your line show yellow.. How you did

  7. Nathaniel B Hart
    Nathaniel B Hart says:

    After creating the instagram card, is it possible to switch the image with a twitter image to have the same effects? if so, how would I do that? Can I copy the key frames and paste them? I’d love some help!

  8. Tetrenarch Media
    Tetrenarch Media says:

    Hello all, so I am currently using the essential graphics panel, I have come across a slight problem. I would like to set a path for an image that I have imported from a file, which is similar to the Instagram logo used in this video, however the option doesn’t appear to be there, I can only add a path to the basic shapes, does anyone know how I can add a path? Thanks!
    (Great vid btw)

  9. MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamer says:

    FCPX has so many plugins that can automatically do this kind of thing for you… all you have to do is change the text, I wish Premiere and Adobe had a much better plugin community like Apple does.

  10. gul khan
    gul khan says: your privacy agreement is too long and for one download to read all the articles is really no sense and subscribe to it, I have already your subscriber. what is more important in case download you tell us in short.
    thank you

  11. abovethefirehouse
    abovethefirehouse says:

    you could always open the legacy title and make with the shape you need there then import it in the new one. 😉

  12. Paul Hall
    Paul Hall says:

    I was having a really hard time getting the rectangle to properly follow the Instagram logo, because before the logo even came into frame, I was left with a piece of the rectangle still visible. So what I did was also keyframe the opacity. This made everything seamless! Thanks for the awesome video! 🙂

  13. Isaac Munyaradzi Machakata
    Isaac Munyaradzi Machakata says:

    Everytime I watch your videos, I kinda feel like subscribing again.It’s been two months since my Laptop Charger malfunctioned but I always watch your videos everyday.

  14. GLOBBY
    GLOBBY says:

    Awesome vid man! Could you make a video about how to turn tripod footage into handheld footage in post? That would be really helpful

  15. Erik Ortiz
    Erik Ortiz says:

    Is there any way to replace the Instagram logo with a twitter logo, but having it follow the same set keyed frames that the insta logo had ?


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