AMV Tutorial: Tips & Tricks for Anime Editing! (SV)

AMV Tutorial: Tips & Tricks for Anime Editing! (SV)

seriously those are really easy tips and tricks BUT I DIDN’T KNOW THAT WITH THE U AND SEPARATE THING OKAY SO MAYBE IT HELPS YOU

tutorial too fast??try change the speed on the youtube video. click on the settings button right on the bottom right, go to speed and select 0,25

prepare for some spam because i was bored okay
oh and these tips are only my opinion. if somebody never uses the ‘fast thing’ that’s okay. i’m just sharing what i do.

Alphabet Boy .- Melanie Martinez
program: after effects 2015 and sony vegas pro 14

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  1. TheYoiFox
    TheYoiFox says:

    naaaa sad I have mac so I have fcpx and I don’t really fins any good tutorials so I just randomly do my amvs/edits xD…

  2. 12DAMDO
    12DAMDO says:

    what i basically wanna do is that you see 2 characters from different shows in the same scene like some editors do…


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