4 Large movement of Technical graphics in After Effects

4 Large movement of Technical graphics in After Effects

Learn 4 motion graphics techniques in After Effects that help improve your projects! The techniques will be repeated in this tutorial, you create the explosion graphics, objects, online animations and objects are duplicated.

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50 replies
  1. Shaun Rider
    Shaun Rider says:

    Hey dude. Awesome tutorial! When I duplicate the layer and delete ‘Shape 1’. I lose the trim path information. 🙁 Any help?
    Also, how did you create the amazing text animation?

  2. Joen Delfiero
    Joen Delfiero says:

    Hey sonduck, can you please make a tutorial for this motion graphic? I think this animator’s style is one of the most demanding motion graphic styke in multimedia industry.
    I didn’t know what style it called btw, pls explain that too thanks.

  3. Carlos Mafla
    Carlos Mafla says:

    Your tutorials are great, but if your target are beginners like me, I would suggest to slow down a bit and don’t omit little details like how to show that grid to center the anchor point, how to duplicate an element, etc. Thanks!

  4. Andika Budi Hermawan
    Andika Budi Hermawan says:

    how the he.. is the point of those circle became rounded? from square into round.. care to explain anybody?

  5. Geoscience Imaging
    Geoscience Imaging says:

    What are "easy ease" keyframes? You said this more than once but never explained it. Definitely a bit fast paced for newbies like me, but thanks for putting this together! 👍

  6. ShadowRipper 25
    ShadowRipper 25 says:

    at 1;32 when you were making your "start"key frame for the path, you said " set it to zero" but you moved the precent to 100%. took me a few times to see because I was practicing along side the video. Great stuff by the way.

  7. Nathan German
    Nathan German says:

    What’s the difference between the scale under the ellipse properties and the regular scale you get under the Transform menu?


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