PHP Corporate Training in Vancouver

PHP is widely used as a scripting language originally created for web development. PHP scripts are used in the following areas : server-side scripting, command line scripting and desktop applications writing. PHP can be deployed on all major operating systems and most of the web servers. It supports a wide range of databases and allows the communication to other services using protocols, namely HTTP, LDAP, IMAP, NNTP, POP3, SNMP.


This PHP training will help the student become acquainted with the various features and benefits PHP offers, in order to realize his professional or personal projects.



. Introduction to PHP
. Installation of  a work environment
. Installation and introduction to Apache / PHP / MySQL

The Basics of PHP

This module provides various functions and attributes in PHP:

. Tags, comments, variables, constants, data types
. Operators, control structures
. Inclusion of files


This module covers the various arrays and their respective attributes in PHP:

. Scalar arrays
. Associative arrays
. Multidimensional arrays
. Table parsing
. Tables functions

The forms and data transmission

This module teaches how to use PHP forms:

. Form fields
. GET and POST methods
. Test data
. ”Register Globals” mode


Connecting to a database

This module introduces the different connection setting and change to the database PHP:

. PHP MyAdmin
. Authentication
. Queries
. Finding and sorting in a database

Cookies and Sessions

This module shows the difference between cookies and sessions in PHP:

. Cookies, session and development of secure access


Object-oriented programming with PHP

This module presents the different attributes and parameter-specific object-oriented programming with PHP:

. Classes and objects
. Constructor / destructor
. Polymorphism
. Visibility
. Interfaces
. Exceptions

Security in PHP

This part of the training teaches how to set the PHP Security PHP:

. PHP update
. Variables and constants
. Data testing
. File transfer
. Inclusions
. SQL injection
. Form fields
. File types

Other advanced features

This part of the training PHP is reserved to those who reached the advanced level.

. Tips and tricks
. Operators
. “Break” and “continue”
. Code optimization and query
. “Include” vs “require”
. Variable variables
. Predefined constants


Intermediate knowledge of Internet and computer.

Pedagogical approach

The PHP programming course is based on an approach tailored to the student’s objectives and his dedicated to his personal or professional advancement.


This private training on PHP programming will meet  your needs and offer the opportunity to  boost your knowledge of scripting for web development, at your own pace. The flexible schedule varies depending on your availability.