ProTag Sales – Trackable Tags for FCPX – Pixel Film Studios

ProTag Sales – Trackable Tags for FCPX – Pixel Film Studios

ProTag Sales


Creating with ProTag Sales in Final Cut Pro X

ProTag Sales is a set of self-animating sales graphics created for use in Final Cut Pro X. Track and display sale prices, discounts, clearance, new deals, and more with ProTag Sales. Choose from 30 different simplistic designs that includes a motion tracker built in. Easily track and customize each preset with on-screen and published controls. Finally, ProTag Sales is fully customizable exclusively in Final Cut Pro X.
This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.3 or higher and Mac OS 10.12 or higher.

30 Self-Animating Designs

ProTag Sales is a package of tags designed for sales marketing built for ease and flexibility.  Each preset features customizable controls such as scale, color, drop shadow, and text. Most of all, ProTag Sales comes with a variety of eye-catching designs that result in a fun and professional look for any production.

On-Screen and Published Controls

Final Cut Pro X users can add dimension to their production by manipulating the easy to use on-screen controls. These controls will determine the scale, position, and either Y or Z rotation of title elements with the drag of a mouse. In addition to on-screen controls, all other published controls can be found in the inspector window on the right-hand side of the viewer. Because of these controls, creating a graphic in 3D space becomes a simple task.

Motion Tracking/Keyframe Tracking

Tracking footage is made easy with the included Auto Motion Tracker. Users also have the ability to edit the track or do manual key frame alterations if necessary. Additionally, each preset also comes with a magnification tool for bringing more attention to a desired location or aiding in the hard to track areas.

Exclusive to Final Cut Pro X

ProTag Sales is designed and custom built for Final Cut Pro X editors and users. Each preset has been hand-crafted in order to be used for all types of sales situations. Because of this, it’s simple and effective to stylize each preset to the desired media all within Final Cut Pro X.

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