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Adobe premiere CC training in Quebec and Lévis

Adobe Premiere CC is an audio-video capture and editing software for web and professional videos that has a very complete scripting system.

The Adobe Premiere CC training is perfect for anyone who wants to produce impactful videos!

Adobe Premiere has powerful tools that are used, among other things, to correct colors, to make transition effects, to apply audio filters…

Whether for recreational or professional purposes, the Adobe Premiere course in Quebec will allow you to realize your most innovative concept ideas!

Adobe Premiere course outline and content

  • Basic element: getting to know the Adobe Premiere software
    – Pre-defined and personalized configuration
    – Ergonomics of the interface
    – Importing audiovisual elements into the Adobe Premiere editing software
    – Location and association of images and sound
    – Organization of audiovisual content in the respective places of the Adobe Premiere interface.
  • Construction of an assembly
    – Editing elements management (sound and image)
    – Knowledge of editing tools for audiovisual elements
    – Use and handling of effects and transition.
    – Recognize the parameters and characteristics of an element and make personalized changes.
  • Using and animating calligraphic characters
    – Title the video, add an end credits
    – Animate and give effects to texts
  • Video rendering and export
    – Compression of image and sound
    – windows, flash, real, quicktime, mpeg2, magp4, 3GP
    – Export for the web.

The Adobe Premiere CC course in Quebec

Know how to use a computer and a camera that records video.

Goal of the Adobe Premiere CC Video Editing training in Quebec and Lévis

Design personalized film productions while mastering the basics of Adobe Premiere editing software.


Montreal 514-448-0883

Quebec 418.478.1647

Ottawa 613.366.1743

Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere CC are two of the most used video editing software in the market. Both programs offer different features that are essential for video editing and post-production, but they complement each other well. In a corporate training environment, learning both software simultaneously can help you streamline your workflow and become more productive.

Adobe After Effects CC is a visual effects and motion graphics software used to create stunning animations, special effects, and visual graphics. With After Effects, you can add text, shapes, 3D elements, and compositing techniques to your videos. This makes it ideal for enhancing visual effects, creating animated graphics and logos, and adding special effects to your videos.

Adobe Premiere CC, on the other hand, is a video editing software designed for non-linear video editing. It allows you to import, organize and edit your video footage and then export it to different video formats. With Premiere, you can add transitions, effects, and audio to your videos, colorize your footage, and create multi-camera editing projects.

By learning both software at the same time, you will be able to take advantage of the strengths of both programs and be able to create a more complete video production. For example, you can use After Effects to create special effects, graphics, and animations, then import them into Premiere to edit them with your video footage. This will allow you to create more polished and professional-looking videos without having to switch between different software.

A course that teaches both Adobe After Effects CC and a Adobe Premiere CC training can be extremely beneficial for anyone who wants to learn video editing and post-production. This will give you a full understanding of both programs and allow you to create stunning, professional-looking videos.

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