Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects CC Video Editing Course

After Effects Video Editing Course in Vancouver


In today's digital world, video content is one of the most important ways to communicate and interact with large audiences. The demand for professional and high-quality skills in video editing with Adobe After Effects CC is increasing in a number of areas, including film, television, advertising and marketing. Online collaborative video editing and motion design courses offer individuals a great opportunity to learn and master these valuable skills. With the help of experienced instructors and interactive learning materials, students can develop the skills needed to create engaging and effective video content with the Adobe Premiere CC training.

Introduction to Video Editing and Motion Design course in Vancouver

  1. Overview of the video production process
  2. Introduction to Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere CC
  3. Understand video editing terminology
  4. Setting up a workspace and customizing preferences
  5. Introduction to Keyframes and Animation

Storyboarding workshop and CC after effects planning in Vancouver and Burnaby

  1. Understand the importance of storyboarding
  2. Creating a Storyboard and Shot List
  3. Planning shots and sequences
  4. Planning camera movements and transitions
  5. Integration of music and sound effects into the storyboard

Vancouver training Importing and organizing footage in Adobe premiere and after effects

  1. Importing sequences into Adobe Premiere CC
  2. Understanding the Project Panel
  3. Creating bins and folders
  4. Organization of sequences and resources
  5. Synchronization of audio and video clips

Editing Techniques and Effects Workshop Vancouver

  1. Basic editing techniques in Adobe Premiere CC
  2. Use effects and transitions
  3. Adjusting color and lighting
  4. Create animated images and visual effects with Adobe After Effects CC
  5. Advanced editing techniques and effects
Audio Editing and Mixing Training
  1. Introduction to audio editing
  2. Understanding audio levels and dynamics
  3. Use audio effects and filters
  4. Audio mixing and balancing
  5. Integrate music and sound effects into the edit
Learn Motion Graphics and Visual Effects in Vancouver
  1. Introduction to motion graphics and visual effects
  2. Understanding Keyframes and Animation
  3. Create animated images with Adobe After Effects CC
  4. Creating visual effects with Adobe After Effects CC
  5. Integrate motion graphics and visual effects into the timeline
Adobe After effects training Finalization and exportation in Vancouver
  1. Preparing for the final release
  2. Video export for different platforms
  3. Understand video compression and file formats
  4. Quality control and troubleshooting
  5. Final Thoughts and Next Steps in Video Production

The Power of Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere CC in Video Production and Social Media Marketing in Vancouver and Burnaby

Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere CC are two of the most powerful and widely used tools in the video production and social media marketing industries. With their advanced features, users can create professional-level animations, visual effects, and motion graphics. In addition, the intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn these programs and put them into practice. Whether creating branded videos, social media content, or marketing campaigns, Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere CC offer a wide range of possibilities for creative expression and effective communication.

Training in Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects CC video editing in the Vancouver and Kelowna by webcam