Mathematics Professor Bugs Of The Screen Of The Projector (April Fool’s Joke)

Mathematics professor Bugs of the screen of the projector (april fool’s joke)

A joke, I’ve done the April fool’s joke for my course in math. I have moved “accidentally” on the projector with a pen with abwischbarer ink, and the help with YouTube video.

Created by Matthew time
Filmed at Biola University in California

Dale Hollinger
Ransom Von Kleist
Marty Olson
Joseph Rubio
Jakie Sarmiento
John Schmidt

Photo of cat: “cat 064” flickr photo by André Chivinski
Chat 064
Released into the public domain (CC0)

The video thumbnails are displayed, to show some of my favorite YouTube channels, namely:

CGP Grey






Crash course


Each image in a painting


License CC BY 4.0) –

You are free to share and adapt to any purpose, even commercially, as long as you have an assignment on my YouTube channel – Thank you!

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