How to Fast Add Fonts and Quotes on Photos – Typcas App

How to Fast Add Fonts and Quotes on Photos – Typcas App

Typcas helps you create amazing visual text artworks easy and fast! Download Typcas from App Store: Just choose or take a background photo, type in your words or quotes, Typcas will turn your text and photo into inspirational and beautiful typographic designs.

Typcas provides a vast collection of unique background wallpapers and handpicked fonts, as well as a variety of customization edit options for all the creative bits you can add to your photos. Enrich your photos in an artistic way!

Where You Will Use Typcas:

* Social media posts
* Inspirational quotes
* Blog/ Website illustration
* Banner/ Logos/ Watermarks
* Book/ Album covers
* iPhone wallpapers/ cases
* T-shirt design
* Interior decoration design
* Birthday/ Business cards
* Event invites
* Presentation slides
* Recipes
* Instructions

Why Choose Typcas:

* Fast choose exclusive beautiful background wallpaper
* Easy choose photo size templates for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook post
* Random quotes available
* Generate Text design very fast even with zero design skills

* Easy edit and further edit text save your time
* Easy change background for same text
* Multiple text boxes available

* Professional and finely – designed text Typography tool
* Plenty of creative font styles (more being added all the time)
* Stylish text design for every photo
* Automatic or manual line breaks available
* Easy adjust text color, brightness, transparency, and layout

* Unique filters for photo enhance visual enjoyment
* Enjoy your creation experience without any ads

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If you have any questions, feedbacks, or suggestions, just send us an email at: [email protected] We will reply you in 24/7.

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