WWE 2K19: Leaked Footage Is FAKE, Tattoo Lawsuit Update, Plus Reveals Tomorrow! (WWE 2K19 News)

WWE 2K19: Leaked Footage Is FAKE, Tattoo Lawsuit Update, Plus Reveals Tomorrow! (WWE 2K19 News)

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Check out Spoflash’s “Leaked” WWE 2K19 videos using the links below and see what you make of them:

Leaked Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03Z803oZ3So
Leaked Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImjRwPIE0Bw

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50 replies
  1. White Devil 94
    White Devil 94 says:

    Obviously WWE and 2K aren’t giving a flying shit about the lawsuit because when they revealed the footage for Daniel Bryan’s showcase mode it showed Randy Orton with all of his tattoos. So obviously they’re not making a big deal about it and they’re still going to use the tattoos regardless of what this bitch thinks.

  2. Eric Smith
    Eric Smith says:

    Mattel said at Comic Con that all upcoming figures of Orton will have the accurate tattoos and will continue to have them until WWE tells them otherwise. If WWE is allowing Mattel to use the tattoos when they could also be sued I am guessing 2K will also.

  3. Jim Geddis
    Jim Geddis says:

    Okay so what in terms of gameplay has been fixed if anything at all ? I mean 2k has said absolutely nothing when it comes to anything relating to the game other than showing a screenshot of AJ Styles.

  4. christiaanwwe
    christiaanwwe says:

    smacktalk you sucks because you know nothing about 2k19 yet and post a lot of nothing ok this time it was fake ok but you do the same thing

  5. Dustin Jostlin
    Dustin Jostlin says:

    RIP Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. To think Bret Hart is the last of the Heart Foundation (Jim,Owen,Bulldog,Pillman)

  6. Brian Brittain
    Brian Brittain says:

    Once he paid her it became HIS Artwork! If I build a Home & someome buys it- I CAN’T go to the Owner- "Well this is my Craftsmanship- I dont want you renting it out!" (or I dunno something retarded like that!) 😂
    I HOPE she loses even IF they preemptively &/or preventively change the Game beforehand!

  7. Spyke3585
    Spyke3585 says:

    Posted the link to this on the guys page. He’s now blocked all comments on one vid. I dont think he’s noticed I posted it twice.

  8. Mark G
    Mark G says:

    Why can’t we have an AJ Styles showcase in the game instead of Daniel Bryan showcase? It would be fun to see his best previous TNA Impact, ROH, and NJPW matches

  9. The Black Marilyn Manson
    The Black Marilyn Manson says:

    Ortons designs should be fair use by default because they’re literally ON HIS BODY,this tattoo artist is just trying to make some quick cash,it’s not like 2k is taking credit for the tattoo or something.So Stupid

  10. Cyrano Crimson
    Cyrano Crimson says:

    What about…. X-Pac & The New Age Outlaws? I am not buying this game without them. Keith Lee and some cool weapons would be a plus as well. Imagine being able to use a kendo stick to help with the yes lock like in the cutscene?…. Thumbtacks maybe? They’re long overdue. A proper 4-man DX entrance? WAAAAAAAAAY PAST DUE! Of course I’d love to see war games, but I know it ain’t gonna happen.

  11. Brian Brittain
    Brian Brittain says:

    So I wonder IF theyre just gonna do it again this year & see HOW it plays out in Court OR if the Fans will take the hit & they avoid having to pay her out more for this Year’s title just incase & change his Sleeves?

  12. Smacktalks
    Smacktalks says:

    *In today’s video we’re covering the supposed "Leaked" gameplay of WWE 2K19 which I believe to be fake, however I’ve left links to both videos in the description so you can check them out for yourself.*
    Also in today’s video we have another update on the on-going Randy Orton Tattoo Lawsuit which is now going to court on April 16th, 2019.


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