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The latest Google update, the “Google Mobile Friendly”, has been applied since April 21st, 2015. Since its announcement, it literally thrilled the web; this shows the interest of Google in Mobile. As the giant Google had no serious competitor, we literally could not get away from it.

The attraction of Google for mobile

Changing the search engine algorithm does not interest people so much. However, it must be said that this change can make things happen and is similar above all to a high magnitude earthquake. It is also called “Mobilgeddon”. This update has significantly affected research on mobile and especially a significant impact on the search results in Quebec. Thanks to the development of smartphones, the importance of mobile is now significant in internet browsing. In 2016, the mobile search is more than 95% market share and Google intends to exploit this trend.

The mobile friendly, expected by the web professionals

Web professionals enjoyed a period of 2 months to prepare for the arrival of the Google update. If it is known that his deployment lasted several days, web professionals such as developers have had time to shop and especially to record orders in the mobile field. For the web marketers, we must say that we are wisely used to obey Google diktats. Consequently most of the training courses are subject to the requirements of the American giant at the risk of seeing all their referencing efforts fade. This required further efforts and a huge energy deployment.

Some details on Google Mobile Friendly

Such change in favor of the mobile connectivity is in line with recent Google updates (Panda, Penguin, etc.). Again, this was to improve the websites organic search with the aim of responding to new Internet uses. Indeed, when one holds such a market share and more than 70% of the users never consult the second page of Google results in Montreal. To maintain a certain visibility, it was then necessary to comply with this new update.

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