Web development is a career that involves the process of creating a front-end interface such as a web page or app, and implementing the UI interaction by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, frameworks, and other solutions. The PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and other coding trainings that we offer allow you to take your skill to the next level! potential to its fullest!

Web design is responsible for the web visual design, which involves having a great sense of aesthetics and the ability to make the website look beautiful by creating, choosing and using graphics (drawings, typography, photos, etc. The Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe XD classes will make your projects standout from the crowd!

Adobe Photoshop: UI/UX Trainings

Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD, you will create efficient website layouts for mobile, tablet, and desktop for a great variety of screen sizes. You will also learn all features specialized in UI (User Interface) design and UX (User Experience) design.

WordPress Workshops

Learn how to create, edit, maintain and code custom WordPress websites and themes. WordPress is free and open-source, making it the most popular CMS to create websites and blogs of any kind. You don’t need any prior experience with computer graphics!

Google Web Designer Lessons

With this free and powerful, Google Web Designer, you will master the creation of HTML 5 banners with NO CODING involved! This is the perfect tool for Display Marketers that want to improve Display Ads.

Adobe XD: UI/UX Trainings

With Adobe XD, you will learn to design prototypes for mobile and desktop but also the fundamentals and advanced features focused on UI/UX Design. When mastering Adobe XD, you will also be able to test your creations while designing each experience.

Shopify Bootcamps

Master Shopify and create the perfect ecommerce store. No need to know HTML or PHP! Learn everything, from configuration, publication, and management of your first online store using Shopify to setting up your inventory, collect payments, configure shipping, add sales channels, manage orders, and promote your products

Adobe Dreamweaver Masterclass

Learning Adobe Dreamweaver will allow you to create, manage and push live websites and content created for mobile devices. Master the visual workflow Dreamweaver offers to manage tecnologies such as JavaScript, PHP and XML.

Web Design Classes with Sketch

Learn how to design UI and UX of digital products such as websites and apps with Sketch, an app for MAC. Create web layouts for mobile, tablet, and desktop. You will also be able to design on grid systems, like Bootstrap, making it easier to design responsive websites.

Webflow Courses

Build and Design an interactive and highly converting website by mastering Webflow. With Webflow you’ll learn to style your website by using CSS and create efficient ecommerce sites withour using third-party applications.

Choose the perfect TRAINING

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WordPress Express Course


  • You choose when you need the course
  • We go to your office to give you the best coaching you want
  • This is one session of private coaching to help you on specifics needs
  • Learn all new features from WordPress
  • Created for the professional web designer that needs an upgrade



  • We can deliver the courses in a few days, or a few weeks, it is up to you
  • We have a teacher in every major city in Canada that will go to you.
  • From A to Z we will cover over 5 sessions of coaching everything you need for your project.
  • This package is designed for beginner to intermediate web designers and developers that need to explore WordPress, Shopify or Webflow in more in detail
  • There is no prior requirement to register to these courses, is open to anyone

UX/UI WEB Design Workshop


  • You will plan every session with us, one by one according to your availibility
  • We go to your office to give you the best coaching you want we can also plan private video conference
  • This is for 3 sessions of training with a professional teacher, we suggest you take these courses non-consecutivly
  • Dig deeper in the understanding of Adobe XD or Adobe Photoshop and refine your knowledge on User Experience and User Interface.
  • You need coaching on specific project or task, our team is ther to teach you to achieve your work

The Web Design and Web Development work fields work hand in hand.

As a Web Designers you will understand coding better than graphic designers and understand design better than programmers. And as a Web Developer you will create beautiful code to develop impressive projects, websites or apps.

Teamwork makes perfect results. So to keep up to date we recommend for web designers knowing coding language basics to get better cooperation with web developers!

Frequently asked questions

You pay as you go, We bill you for every 3 hours session. No strings attached.

We adapt to your schedule, you choose the day and time for your course(s).

Our teachers go physically to your office, home or wherever you choose to take your course(s).

Every human is different, the length of the courses depend on you, your project, your goal, your experience.

All courses are completely customized to be applied to your current project(s) and fulfill your needs.

Companies that want to update the skills of their employees and professional individuals who would like to upgrade their knowledge.

We are always looking for professionals interested on sharing their expertise with our clients. Please send your CV and/or Portfolio to info@jfl-media.com


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The Companies That Choose JFL MEDIA
Our clients say
"JFL was fantastic to deal with. My trainer, Sanaa was professional and efficient and paced the training according to my needs. By the end of the training I had a solid grasp on the material and was comfortable using the application independently. I will definitely be using JFL's services for any future application training. Thank you, Sanaa!"
Helen McDonald
April 10th, 2018
"Really very satisfied with my 4 Photoshop training sessions with JFL Media. We are dealing with professionals and the whole process is well done and the technology very easy. The trainer is very competent, she is solid and can teach on a wide range of subjects and software. I recommend them without hesitation."
Chantal Ayotte
February 11th, 2020
"Excellent training center with a unique concept and flexibility in training schedules"
January 14th, 2020
"ourse did a great job focusing on the basics of all areas, and also highlighting important terms that would definitely help me in my day to day task using Indesign. I felt it gave me a great foundation to the knowledge and definitely helped as a great starting point. Instructors has knowledge of what he was doing. Very accommodating, patient, answers all my questions with live examples. Highly recommended!!"
Gagandeep kaur
November 29th, 2019