Threshold Effect Portrait (Brush) | Photoshop CC Tutorial | Photo Manipulation

Threshold Effect Portrait (Brush) | Photoshop CC Tutorial | Photo Manipulation

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Hello! everyone
Today i am gonna show you making process of color brush portrait in Adobe Photoshop CC.
You can see here with instruction lines and short-cut keys.
so why are you waiting for !
go and make your color portrait..
PS Free Brush Download:,,
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  1. Adam Tauqeer
    Adam Tauqeer says:

    hello Asm, boi at 1:49, the selected picture with smart filter moves along with the background, why tho why…and can you elaborate what ya did at the color range step?….didn’t got that

  2. mashael altwairqi
    mashael altwairqi says:

    hey there, thank for your video can I asked question I did every thing but when i click ctrl+t it won’t work my computer is Mac, can you help me please

  3. Jairo Santos
    Jairo Santos says:

    I noticed that after you click ok after you apply the threshold adjustment your selection stays selected, mine just goes away but I can reselect the filter effect mask to kegep working on the selection, is there anything I can change in the preferences to make it work like yours? Thank you


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