The meta-data, meta-data, meta-data – Photoshop CC Tutorial

The meta-data, meta-data, metadata, Photoshop CC Tutorial,

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Labeling your files with the secret, hidden in the meta data so if someone steals an image, you can find it and can fly and at the back is one thing, but did you know that you can use the metadata to really help to promote your business? Did you know that you can make use of the metadata, and the creation of images automatically, a link to your website, if someone posted on Facebook? Must the tutorial to check and see what you missed!

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  1. Terry Rhuebottom
    Terry Rhuebottom says:

    OK so what is preventing someone from using these tools to change metadata. Is the Metadata Time or date coded so that if you come across your image and someone has changed the MetaData you can prove that you were the source and that the metadata has been changed?

  2. Marcos Moure Photography
    Marcos Moure Photography says:

    In the Metadata in PS you can also see how much shots does your camera have, when you click on the left side the last option "Raw Data" and tipe on the top "imagenumber". I´ve published a quicktip video abou that a fiew months ago. Thats a very interisting tool 🙂 Thanks for your tuts.

  3. Yaroon's Cartoons
    Yaroon's Cartoons says:

    Great stuff! Very useful tip about the copyright notice in Facebook. Definitely gonna use that. Thank you, man!

  4. Tushar Varshney
    Tushar Varshney says:

    wow! so finally with this video, the channel is back to the beast it was.

    Thank you for sharing this Nathan.


  5. Orion Skymaster
    Orion Skymaster says:

    After the first couple videos these videos are not 30 sec videos hahaha, they’re still quite fast!
    Thanks Nathaniel


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