Watch this before applying to the Art Institutes, especially the Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division!

Graduation/Completion Rate:

**These opinions are my own based on my personal experience as a student of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online, Interior Design Bachelor’s Degree Program.



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  1. Ro-Z
    Ro-Z says:

    I’m sorry Kat, but it’s a business, of course they want money. As for the staff and everyone, they’re just people, like you and me… Some are helpful, some not so much. And art supplies are expensive, maybe that’s something that shoulda been expected? Student debt is result of any college… it’s not just this one. Online classes are give and take, not as much direct contact and a lot of reading. Not a reason to complain, hardly, considering they are trying to make a way to learn without the commute and busy schedule. I see a lot of negativity too, by other students, typically about debt, and I understand that. But there are so many colleges that are multiple times more expensive than Ai… Ai is fairly cheap for a college, actually, compared to universities I’ve researched. A school near me was 50K per year I believe… 4 years with Ai was around 70-80K TOTAL. I am attending an on campus Ai now… and have had no concerns other than with specific staff. Sometimes they’re not great, that happens. It sounds like perhaps you rushed into this school? Researching the school and its costs and policies, it’s what you need to do first… I have spoken greatly with financial services and developed a clear idea of what to expect and how to plan ahead. Sounds like you might’ve been confused about the payment process and billing? Definitely look into everything you can, so you’re not surprised. But it is a business like any other, and online anything comes at expense of in person communication and contact. But you’re able to do it from anywhere, and only 2 classes at a time, taking a lot of stress away, I think. I’ll most likely be attending the online campus myself. Grammar errors, quicker terms, some communication lapses… I’m not too worried. Actually, communication here, and from another campus a few hours away from me, have been very available to me, even when not in person. In terms of my financial situation, I took a loan. I plan to pay it back before I have to… which isn’t until 6 months after graduating. That may have been a good option for you. The only thing I’d say is they aren’t sturdy by any means. They are closing down in some areas, but it was a benefit in disguise… I now have 50% the remaining tuition. So that’s pretty cool. I wanna support this school, and I don’t mean to sound rude or insensitive. If I did, I’m extremely sorry. I just have been real happy with this school, and there’s been so much negativity. The reasoning I see by others have seemed, well, unreasonable… Debt is expected for any large transaction. Planning ahead seems to be the solution to all this. And sure, there are trouble areas with the people and sometimes other factors, but that’s the same with any company, or business or whathaveyou. You’ll find employment anywhere and discover those same issues here and there. But make the best of it, and don’t get caught unknowing of the financial implications.

  2. Sanders Fabares
    Sanders Fabares says:

    please join I AM AI on facebook if you have not already to see countless stories from other former students. The school is a scam and we are fighting back. Thanks for posting the video!

  3. Toxic Nation
    Toxic Nation says:

    Im taking one to graduate. 2000 dollars. People need to hear this. 2k for a shitty online class that’s 6 weeks. I need that to graduate next month. A bachelor’s is almost 100k. I’m good on debt. Army paid my way but damn not those other hundreds of students that are in mad debt. I feel for them

  4. M McG
    M McG says:

    Hi There Kat. I went through AiO and graduated from there in 2008. It has been a complete and utter waste of time and money. I was wondering what they told you about placing you in a job after you graduated?

  5. Tomas Corvidea
    Tomas Corvidea says:

    When I was in my early twenties I applied to the SFAI. I qualified for student financial aid so at the registration office the man asked for a $600 "registration" fee. At the time that was completely beyond my means ( hence the reason I qualified for financial aid in the first place) I told the man he could kindly go fuck himself and I never looked back. From that point on I taught myself computer graphics, and now I make enough money to live off of, I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m satisfied with what I have. So called higher education in general is a joke. A person who succeeds in business makes money, a person who fails in business teaches as a business instructor. AI’s are no different and because your instructors are failures they will get jealous of your real talent and set you up to fail.

    If you are considering going to an A.I. read what everyone else has posted on this thread, and one more thing, you’re an artist because you were born one. No "Institute" can improve your God given talent, only you can do that.

  6. Guardian Diancie
    Guardian Diancie says:

    I regret nothing now.
    Seeing how I got kicked out of Ai in 2009.
    Tbh if I stayed to this day, I’d probably regret applying and graduating there


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