Studying A Degree in Graphic Design (and my portfolio!)

Studying A Degree in Graphic Design (and my portfolio!)

I answer some of your questions about studying a degree in Graphic Design!


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  1. keeley seim
    keeley seim says:

    Do you have any advice for starting to make your portfolio while still in high school. I have no experience with the programs but my mom does since she is a graphic designer. Since SCAD (the school I’m applying to) requires a portfolio what do I do if I am inexperienced?

  2. ryan wardy
    ryan wardy says:

    Hey Megan, when you said you got a web design job before uni, ive always wanted to know, how good do you have to be at graphic design to get accepted into a job? I think i am fairly good but i cant imagine being accepted into a job like that, help please 🙂

  3. Design By Alfredo Hernandez
    Design By Alfredo Hernandez says:

    hey guys, here’s a tip. Design stuff you can sell online like on creative market, iconfinder(it can be anything like Ui Kits, Icons, Art, Brushes, web pages, buttons, etc_) and then use what you created on your "Portfolio" In other words your Portfolio will make you money online and help get you jobs at the same time, it’s what i do good luck

  4. Natalie Viales
    Natalie Viales says:

    Hi, so, I’m 17 and I’ve applied for a university that has graphic design. I’m not really experience at all with any program or techniques used, yet I’m really in love with everything related to graphic design, I don’t have quite the skill of drawing (but I’ve heard it’s not strictly necessary so it’s fine). I’m creative in some ways and I’m excited to try this new experience. But there’s something bothering me, is it necessary for me to take any courses in graphic design before I get into Uni? Should I prepare a portfolio right now? Or will I learn everything for zero when I get into uni? I really appreciate any advice. Thank you xx

  5. Gaby Gonzalez
    Gaby Gonzalez says:

    Hello i am 15 and from another country, i don’t really understand about “Foundation” what it. Is? How it works? I basically know nothing.please helpp

  6. Angus Davidson
    Angus Davidson says:

    I’m currently looking at applying to study a masters in graphic design, this video was both helpful and interesting.

  7. Caolan Clarke
    Caolan Clarke says:

    Really informative video! I want to go to university but at the same time with such a practical subject I often wonder if it’s worth all the debt when you can learn a lot of the things online. But I guess if the jobs are looking for degrees and the university experience is something that I think would be great. Would you recommend going straight to university or do what you did and do an apprenticeship first? I’ve done my a levels and don’t know what to do next :/

  8. Alexander Loboda
    Alexander Loboda says:

    hey) do you have the sample of diploma where written all the subjects learned in college, i just want to match russian’s and usa’s diplomas.

  9. Erin Dsouza
    Erin Dsouza says:

    Im in high school right now. And I havent chosen math as my subject. Will I be able to get into a graphic design collage without math being my subject?

  10. heyitsozzy
    heyitsozzy says:

    Omg what if I don’t have a portfolio?? I’m 17 and draw often and don’t want to go to an art school. I want a school that offers graphic design. My traditional art skills are good, but not my digital :/ I don’t even have Photoshop, but I have a Krita I use for digital drawings
    My stress levels oh my

  11. Matdrox
    Matdrox says:

    I have a question. I’m 13 and I am pretty comfused about portofolios. Do you need a website to put it on? Do you have it printed?

  12. Ben Sparrow
    Ben Sparrow says:

    I do graphic design at college and my secret hate is people who can make rough sketches still look nice in a portfolio, mine just ruin the final piece LOL

  13. Kathryn
    Kathryn says:

    Graphic design A level is not an option at my sixth form and I want to do a levels. Would I still be able to do a graphic design degree do you think?

  14. Tracy Marongwe
    Tracy Marongwe says:

    when you presented your portfolio did you simply go down you Behance account or did you place it all in a different format?

  15. Diamonster
    Diamonster says:

    I didn’t know I had to basically be a full on artist :’C I can’t draw that well, I can be creative using tools and doing more basic drawing but damn that’s next level paintings and stuff

  16. D •
    D • says:

    I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
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  17. DSLeicester
    DSLeicester says:

    College/Uni was not an option for me – well I do 3D CG mainly for PC games. Uni won’t take me as I don’t meet their qualification requirements; college won’t allow me since I am already working at a higher level than they teach…end of the day when it comes to getting an interview in the field, your portfolio will stand out more than qualifications, I have no qualifications in design at all, but I still applied for jobs that were asking for a degree and still got the job just because of my portfolio and history – I have worked for many companies as a freelancer, some want to keep me permanent others just want one specific job but I would say if you are in it for the money go freelance and get on as many short-term contracts as possible, this also helps to spread your name around for other potential employers to come and find you instead of you going to them. If you have an extensive and impressive portfolio and history it really does not matter to an employer what qualification certificates you have. 🙂

  18. Swornim Raj Dhakal
    Swornim Raj Dhakal says:

    i am interested in doing masters in multimedia ?? studying where at england is perfect ??? what do u recommend ?


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