Review: New Huion 1060PLUS Graphics Tablet (2016)

Review: New Huion 1060PLUS Graphics Tablet (2016)

The new Huion 1060 PLUS tablet makes minor design updates to the previous model. Overall, it’s a good tablet but it has stroke tapering issues inside Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro. Other than that, other graphics software all work well.

Text review:

Lazy Nezumi Pro (for Photoshop):

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50 replies
  1. Novita Wijaya
    Novita Wijaya says:

    Hi Sir. I just came cross your review video about this huion. Such an awesome review. But I have a question, do you ever try to write directly from the huion, like calligraphy? Since I saw in the video, the pen pressure is good for calligraphy.
    I wonder it would save us problem from vectoring, if we can use the tablet for writing.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Wolf xo
    Wolf xo says:

    Wait… how the heck do u uninstall the Wintab driver? Please help me, I’m getting the tablet soon and really need to know. Please.🙂

  3. sc99hom
    sc99hom says:

    Hi, I would like some opinions: I am interested in getting a drawing tablet as I want to dwell into designing, photo editing, and etc, so I would like to ask which tablet you would recommend for an extreme beginner and is worth the price. Additionally, if the tablet is able to be used with GIMP. Also, my friend had suggested that I buy the One by Wacom (CTL-472), but my eye is currently on the Huion 420 since it’s portable and is quite versatile, but I am also open to other tablets. Hope to get your reply!

  4. Mark Wright
    Mark Wright says:

    NIce video but you didn’t mention the sd card to use the tablet as its own usb drive for work. Also, can you update on the issue of applying different key uses for different applications which is where Wacom are still ahead. Although that seems a trivial driver change?

  5. Hafiz Eizz
    Hafiz Eizz says:

    why i install driver in website cant detect my device? can someone help me? i already install all installer in website windows version but still disconected… i already do what instruction tell what to do.. please help….

  6. Garth Aubrey
    Garth Aubrey says:

    HI, My daughter is looking for a graphics tablet that you can draw on that does not need to be connected to the PC, any assistance here would be great…

  7. Myko Mendoza
    Myko Mendoza says:

    For those who bought this unit, any pros and cons as of now? Im planning to get one but im worried on lag, pen issues, and compatibility issues with programs/photoshop. Beginner here.

  8. aulia astrid
    aulia astrid says:

    I just had buy it, but when i try it on paint tool sai, my paint tool sai cannot detected the pen. When i try it on Microsoft paint itu work. I try to charge the pen but it still wont work. Can you tell me please what should i do?

  9. Harish VFX
    Harish VFX says:

    Basically , im a 3d student . I decided to buy one wacom tablet . Can i buy intuos 2018 medium or huion 1060p ??
    I mostly spend my time on mari and substance painter for texturing & little bit on sculpting . Could u pls suggest gud tablet between wacom intuos 2018 r huion 1060p ?

  10. MeAsNick
    MeAsNick says:

    Excuse me sir? My laptop doesn’t have a cd reader, is the cd important and if it is? What shoul i do? (please reply asap)

  11. Mark Boysillo
    Mark Boysillo says:

    The tablet is good but the pen dough i dont know if i should buy it.cuz alot of people say it will break in 5 months and im pretty scared about it Pls reply

  12. EH PA
    EH PA says:

    We have the H610Pro. The pen is pretty much useless in regards to charging ability. What’s up with Quality Control in China? Do they just not v=care once they have your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ???

  13. 전엘라
    전엘라 says:

    I dont get how its used and i really want to since im planning on buying on christmas. The tablet is pitch black can u see what you’re drawing or only on the computer screen?

  14. Syuna
    Syuna says:

    Just purchased one on amazon can’t wait to try it out gunna get back into drawing I took like a 2 years off of drawing manga

  15. SleepyBrush
    SleepyBrush says:

    There’s a problem with the one I recently bought (and haven’t even used) it works fine on Animate CC but the cursor doesn’t move or anything on google chrome or the desktop. Help me.

  16. -さくらsensei
    -さくらsensei says:

    i am using a different version though….but why doesn’t the light go i plug it in and it lights up for a second. and so i can’t use the pen

  17. MeAsNick
    MeAsNick says:

    Excuse me sir? Can i use this tab for my laptop? cause i only have cheap laptop only 2gb of ram and 32gb of storage and about 15 inch of screen, i only plan using it on paint tool SAI, is it okay? Please i need someon to reply (asap)😭😭

  18. Nao
    Nao says:

    I know, date, but which tablet is better: this one (in video) or Huion 610PRO V2? I want to buy graphics tablet, but I don’t know which is better between these two

  19. Ali Golzar
    Ali Golzar says:

    ty dude for introduse that plugin

    how i can speedup tablet croser? i mean like mouse crooser? cuz my tablet is medium & im newbie & i think i need more speed cuz i feel my pen go out of tablet ( didint happen but i feel it )

  20. blooming lulu
    blooming lulu says:

    Do I have to have a drawing app like sketchbook already installed on my lap top or does the tablet come with one?
    ( and if not wich one would you suggest for a beginner?)

  21. Pug boi
    Pug boi says:

    IMPORTANT PLEASE REPLY: I’m about to buy this product. Do you HAVE to connect it to a computer to use it? Or to animate on it?? Because i don’t have an available computer.. !PLEASE REPLY!


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