Photoshop for Absolute Beginners – Drawing Tools Tutorial

Photoshop for Absolute Beginners – Drawing Tools Tutorial

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Photoshop can be overwhelming, and frustrating for beginners. Let me take you by the hand and show you the tools that will get you up and drawing digitally after only one sitting!

In this STEP BY STEP tutorial, I’ll show you how to:

-set up your canvas

-select and manage brush presets

-change brush sizes quickly

-crop your image

-transform selections

-create masks

-manage layers and effects

-paint with gradient maps

-use the mixer brush

-use the eyedropper

-create and edit type

-build confidence drawing in photoshop!

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  1. Leonard James
    Leonard James says:

    Too complicated and dizzying for me. This video convinced me to just keep using traditional tools. Gimme a pencil and a sketchbook and I’ll be just fine without this digital stuff.

  2. UberShyGuy
    UberShyGuy says:

    I’m completely overwhelmed by this program…I want to learn but even the most simple tutorials go so fast. and its even more frustrating that I use 7, which is a version no one uses.

  3. William Fog von Qualen
    William Fog von Qualen says:

    omfg i haaaaaate photoshop! its so over complicated and now I’m stuck in a 1-year subscription… I’m going back to sketchbook…

  4. Luna Rayo
    Luna Rayo says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for creating this tutorial. I tried a few others before stumbling on your channel. This is just an awesome “how to guide” for a beginner like me, and it has helped me a thousand times over! You are a life saver and I don’t have enough words to say thanks 🙂

  5. ShenkelMcDoo
    ShenkelMcDoo says:

    I’ve always stayed away from photoshop because I never knew where to start. I’ve always used alternative programs but this video makes me want to go back and try it! thanks

  6. Peteru Avertis
    Peteru Avertis says:

    I’ve used Photoshop for over ten years but I still watch videos like these because there is always a chance that people are using it in ways that are that much smarter than what I’m doing right now.

  7. Dorki Goddess
    Dorki Goddess says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I looked all over YouTube for one that didn’t just assume I already knew how to do anything and finally found this one. My Intuous Draw arrives tomorrow and I had no idea where to start, so thank you. At least I can get some doodles going for now.

  8. thunderkilll redBeard
    thunderkilll redBeard says:

    i have one question though I know I’m new to your channel but is there anything for free from your website i mean tutorials I’m a beginner and I have the greatest issue you can find in all africa : " we don’t have credit cards to pay for things from the outside world " nothing no ames no movie no softwares no damn thing if you aren’t born in europe or any other continent you can’t enjoy what you guys can

  9. Alexey Filippenko
    Alexey Filippenko says:

    16 minutes – slowly cover things that people will most likely discover themselves
    5 minutes – speedplay the actual work with all the techniques that are of actual interest

  10. flowerybones
    flowerybones says:

    I have this little problem, that when i draw a line, it appears a few secends too late, which is honestly pretty ennoying
    Is there annything i can do or does this simply mean, that my computer is too slow?

  11. Chris - Red Bridge Productions —Chris P.
    Chris - Red Bridge Productions —Chris P. says:

    Spit my drink out at “if you’re using a mouse, you need to stop right now” lmao

    CRYSTALIXR says:

    Awesome I used to draw a long time ago and I am getting back into it but now into digital man I feel like suck but I will keep trying

  13. Kiyo Mizuki
    Kiyo Mizuki says:

    Awesome tutorial. Thanks so much for making this video! I’m just a little bit worried about drawing with a mouse? Since I’m used to pens and markers (etc), could I draw on photoshop with a stylus on a tablet or something? Idek XD

  14. Holtingthewalkers
    Holtingthewalkers says:

    I have your brush set..u have that 5 dot brush that does lines in whichever direction you draw. Do you have tips on what line weight (aka brush size) to set it at? I’m playing with different brush sizes, but you seem to stick to one size for those shading embellishments. Thanks!

  15. Alina Levytska
    Alina Levytska says:

    Hi, thank you for a great introduction to photoshop

    I can not find the brushes that you were talking about in this lesson. The web site contains sets of lessons. I wonder if it’s possible to download some brushes that you were using in that video. Thank you and have a great day

  16. Happy Pika
    Happy Pika says:

    Thank you so much! I feel like I understand Photoshop a lot more lol! I just got it yesterday and I’ve always used Paint Tool Sai until now, so the change is quite scary haha. I’m going to experiment right now~ C:


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