Make Kick-Ass Black and White Conversions Using Calculations in Photoshop

Make Kick-Ass Black and White Conversions Using Calculations in Photoshop

Create Dramatic Black and White Images by combining Channels and Using Calculations in Photoshop. Also, learn how to create an amazing special effect of adding dimension to the eyes and depth to the portrait. In this video, we’ll learn a unique and powerful way of black and white conversion and understand how it works.

1. Sample Image:
2. Finished PSD: (Only for our Patreon Family)

“Calculations” under “Image” menu, allow you to combine and blend two different channels from the same image using the blend mode of your choice. Thus giving you a ton of varieties that you can avail by trying out different combinations and blend modes. So the secret here is, Play along! Who knows, an awesome effect might just be a click away! Hope this video helps you!

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50 replies
  1. Vann Apragal
    Vann Apragal says:

    Umesh, have you ever printed any of your pictures? One of these days try to print them. You will see all that is wrong with your image.

  2. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    The only thing you don’t explain is that if you want to export it as png or whatever the BW disappears. It’s just the original.

  3. FactoPedia Hindi
    FactoPedia Hindi says:

    Great video as always. I have a question: How do we create good looking thumbnails and make them stand out in the ocean of thumbnails?

  4. Terry Morgan
    Terry Morgan says:

    As I’ve commented before, this is an excellent tutorial and another one that’s greatly increased my abilities with Photoshop. Thank you. My only issue was how to then save the resulting B&W image as a jpg. I will try the technique that’s been posted in any earlier comment, but if you could just confirm the best way of doing this, I’d be very grateful.

  5. Rasha Abdullah
    Rasha Abdullah says:

    That’s the easiest way to edit the old face . I have been watching different editing on YouTube and they’re over 30mins . Wasting time . Thank u so much

  6. Terry Morgan
    Terry Morgan says:

    I have been developing my knowledge of Photoshop through training videos for years, from a number of sources, but I’m so pleased that I have found PIXImperfect. The delivery and presentation is excellent and Unmesh, you have taught me such a lot with your great way of imparting your skills in Photoshop. The videos are so good that I have persuaded my self to spend the money to upgrade to Photoshop CC 2018 after many happy years with Photoshop CS5. Thank you.

  7. Amit Mahajan
    Amit Mahajan says:

    I used the calculations and clicked on result – new document. Once new document is formed, most of the tools become inactive – i cannot create new layer or sharpen using high pass. Even I can add text but cannot use opacity/fill in new document. If i use healing brush then I get a warning message to change colour mode to RGB. Please advice further.

  8. Max Renn
    Max Renn says:

    I compared using calculations with making a copy of the RGB channels and blending in the normal way and it seemed to produce a different result – any idea why that might be? On a related note, is there a way of reproducing the black and white visualisations of the RGB layers using an adjustment layer? Many thanks for the great videos!

  9. arist8989
    arist8989 says:

    Dude reminder; every-time you explain make ur speech a little slower…it’s ur catching a Train to Stop….U KNOW…..anyways very interesting tutorial…Dude what SHAMPOO U USING…seems like u have very thick HAIR….curious????hehehhehehe

  10. Chukwunonso K Okeke
    Chukwunonso K Okeke says:

    I must say you are the best online teacher. I mean I need a special teacher like you to make me understand well and learn faster. 1 thumb up and am subscribing your channel hoping to get more greater lessons.

  11. Stan Prendergast
    Stan Prendergast says:

    Finally a straight up explanation.. I don’t how many videos I’ve already watched.. this is the simplest explanation of what’s going on when doing black-and-white photography. Thank you bro.

  12. Lift_Heavyy Gaming
    Lift_Heavyy Gaming says:

    Hey everyone have recently started up my instagram black and white profile I was hoping you guys would check out the page and let me know what you think ? @Cu3llo_andy ..,


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