Lower Thirds and Video Titles with NEW Titler & Essential Graphics Panel | Premiere Pro Tutorial

Lower Thirds and Video Titles with NEW Titler & Essential Graphics Panel | Premiere Pro Tutorial

COVERING THE NEW TITLER AND ESSENTIAL GRAPHICS PANEL FEATURES! | Learn to create animated titles or use the pre-built templates included with Premiere Pro!

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In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will cover how to work with the new Essential Graphics panel to build an animated title using one of the many templates included with Premiere, we’ll also cover how to create an animated title from scratch and even save it as a template so you can use it in any upcoming video editing projects you have (or just for reuse in the same project over and over,) and we’ll also cover all the ins and outs of the new Titler tool and how to work with the new set of graphics tools in Premiere Pro 2017 CC (April 2017 Update)

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50 replies
  1. Rodney Leinberger
    Rodney Leinberger says:

    I actually like that you talk fast – I get more information in less time that way. And with a clip like this, I can always stop, go back, go over, etc. Thanks for all the info. Don’t change.

  2. Better Life Reviews
    Better Life Reviews says:

    Thanks for this great video Nathaniel. How do I use simple tools like bold, underline, and bullet lines of text?

  3. comechatwidmi
    comechatwidmi says:

    I really enjoyed your tutorial!!! I’m self taught in premiere and it’s amazing what you can learn when you sit down and watch a tutorial. I was doing all my titles in photoshop since I upgraded to adobe premiere creative cloud. I was having issues with premiere crashing every time I did a legacy title. I didn’t realize how much the titles have changed since changing over to creative cloud. I’m super excited to learn about the essential graphics, thx 🙂

  4. Freelance Road
    Freelance Road says:

    Perfect! Just what I needed to know. Definitely don’t change how quickly you speak, you pack a lot of excellent information in a short time, and that’s exactly what many of us are looking for. I like your videos very much because you keep it interesting and and get to the point quickly. Thanks and keep the videos coming!

  5. Carriage Return
    Carriage Return says:

    In a YouTube world where droning on for 45mins about adding a keyframe seems to be the norm, I welcome your racy pacey style. Get to the point…. now! Just learnt sh1tloads in half the time it normally takes. Wish I could do it myself.

    Oh and by the way, I can now do better titling. You can take the rest of the day off 😏

    TEXNAUS says:

    I loved this tutorial but NONE of my Essential Graphics work, NONE. I hope Adobe does an overhaul in the next coming weeks.

  7. alloneword154
    alloneword154 says:

    Hi. When I click on my pen tool it does not display the options for elipse or anything else. How do you activate the secondary options for your tool bar?

  8. Mission Creek Style
    Mission Creek Style says:

    How to get the Graphics Workspace: rename the "Layouts" folder in the Premiere Pro 11.0 folder. You’ll then be reset to the defaults. You may have to rebuild existing workspaces, however.

    Adobe FAQ: I don’t see the Graphics Workspace, how can I use it? https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2305523

  9. Johnny's Reloading Bench
    Johnny's Reloading Bench says:

    Thank you very much for your videos. I am a very basic user who barely understands enough for my current workflow in the legacy title tool. This was an excellent tutorial and I picked up several other useful tricks along the way. My titles are about to get a huge quality upgrade thanks to you.

  10. Rodney Leinberger
    Rodney Leinberger says:

    My grandson doesn’t like to read so he downloads audio material books etc. and plays it at double-speed. He gets a lot done.

  11. Samantha J-SAT
    Samantha J-SAT says:

    I cannot believe it took me this long to figure out you were from Philadelphia! Great stuff! Go Birds! 🙂 🙂

  12. Swapnil Bakshi
    Swapnil Bakshi says:

    Is it just me or all his videos don’t have audio? I just cant seem to hear anything in this specific channel.

  13. Christian Rivera
    Christian Rivera says:

    Love your work! Nice seeing content from my home town! You explain everything so clearly and concise. That’s so appreciated!

  14. Sampsa Sulonen
    Sampsa Sulonen says:

    Keep up with the great work. Indeed one of the best thing about your tutorials is that you speak at a good decent pace and always stay on topic. Please don’t change that!!

    I hate other videos where I have to watch at 1.25 or 1
    5x (why is this not possible on mobile btw??) and/or constantly seek to get to the real info amongst random ramblings with a slow pace.

  15. alloneword154
    alloneword154 says:

    Great job explaining. I’ve been struggling with this. I didn’t think it was as easy as you said it was. Probably because I’m fairly new at this. I have a PC and there is a graphics workspace.

  16. Noooura Fa Fahad
    Noooura Fa Fahad says:

    i did update but there is no shape tool under my pin tool 🙁 i don’t know whats the problem and i can’t add one from legacy title tools

  17. WayneWrz
    WayneWrz says:

    Great tutorial man. Loving the new Essential Graphics panel.

    Could you do a tutorial about saving projects from After Effects to use in Essential Graphics?

  18. Una Neary
    Una Neary says:

    Thank you so much. Now I understand how these work. Keep up the good work. Love your Premiere Pro Tutorials.

  19. Rich Epstein - Residential Properties, Providence, RI Realtor, RI Homes for Sale
    Rich Epstein - Residential Properties, Providence, RI Realtor, RI Homes for Sale says:

    you have absolutely the best video tutorials I’ve ever come across. I was looking for a way to do exactly what you were just showing in regards to the titles. I never knew it was already in my update. kudos!

  20. Craig Burnett
    Craig Burnett says:

    Funny that people complain that you talk fast…I run you at 1.5x and can understand everything perfectly. I love your tutorials…even if I’m familiar with what you’re presenting, I always find a little "I DIDN’T KNOW THAT" nugget. Keep up the good work!


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