~ LadyBug ~

~ LadyBug ~
Getting close and comfy with Mother Nature’s creations.

Are we really seeing what’s out there to see?
50mm reversal on Tamron 90mm macro
430EX w/ light fall
Canon 40D
f/32 ISO200 1/250

Have a great Thursday my friends and I hope you’re not getting annoyed with my macro shots yet.
I’m thinking it’s time for another artsy image, 3D and/or PhotoShop.
Maybe a Funky Friday image?…
~ Smile for you, smile for me.~
By ViaMoi on 2008-06-19 11:22:37

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  1. ms.lume
    ms.lume says:

    How gloriously close, she is Beautiful!
    would you consider entering it into our group and contest?

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  2. Michael Brooking Photography
    Michael Brooking Photography says:

    very nice my friend…..michael…..my macro comes today…….been researching reverse….can’t wait……and the carnival is in town….Light nights tomorrow

  3. groovy zoo
    groovy zoo says:

    Beautiful macro!!!

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  4. kirstiecat
    kirstiecat says:

    The details of its markings are exceptional as well as the droplets of water. I have a ladybug flying around my apartment right now but it won’t sit long for this kind of photograph 🙂

  5. Morten Hoff
    Morten Hoff says:

    I love these insect shots. The only bugs I’ve seen so far this year was some bugs in a bag of flour in my kitchen cupboard. I spent a weekend cleaning down the kitchen, even unscrewing the back panel of the washing machine to make sure no bugs were hiding there. Not an event I wanted to document.

  6. www.jdavidfuertes.com
    www.jdavidfuertes.com says:

    Saying amazig isn’t enough for this photo. It is one of the bests macro shots I’ve ever seen on Flickr!
    Congratulations my friend!!

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  7. * p_OO_f *™ (CLOSED - Do Not Add)
    * p_OO_f *™ (CLOSED - Do Not Add) says:

    gorgeous work!!! :))

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  8. Elizabeth The Queen Of All Things
    Elizabeth The Queen Of All Things says:

    Could never grow tired of your macros 🙂 Amazing detail down to the little hairs of the leaf …I especially love the water droplets on his back. SUPERB!!!

  9. DoodleDancer
    DoodleDancer says:

    a formidable Lady… when you see them this close makes you think twice about holding them! ;~)) bugs that is…

  10. Nounou 12 Maryse
    Nounou 12 Maryse says:

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  11. *♥* ṡhøώ ṃε υɾ ρïχ *♥*
    *♥* ṡhøώ ṃε υɾ ρïχ *♥* says:

    LOLL…..that was tooo cute…thanks so much….Very cute…Have a super day…..

  12. Spangles44 The cheerful photographer!!!!!
    Spangles44 The cheerful photographer!!!!! says:

    A great big WOW for this one! Awesome Capture. Lovely details on that ladybug

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  13. Kenny Teo (zoompict)
    Kenny Teo (zoompict) says:

    hi, i had been missing many of ur shot lately due to my father health condition is in red.sorry.
    well ,a much excellent macro like by me . very details texture even the little water drop on the tiny lady bud back is not miss. how careful a man like u not miss out any details when shooting.
    great pic always. will catch up soon.

  14. Claude-Yolande
    Claude-Yolande says:

    Wouah!!! Exceptionnel!!!
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  15. Peggy Collins
    Peggy Collins says:

    I could never be bored with your work! This has such terrific detail…love the waterdrops. Enjoy your day, my friend!

  16. Dato' Professor Dr. Jamaludin Mohaiadin
    Dato' Professor Dr. Jamaludin Mohaiadin says:

    Excellent. This beautiful macro shot was seen in:

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  17. Francesco E
    Francesco E says:

    No reason to be annoyed, macro shots are an art all on it;s own and your doing some nice work, this is a splendid image.

  18. llumimirada
    llumimirada says:

    fantàstic el macro!!!! m’encanta veure les gotes d’aigua, el color viu del vermell, les taques negres, les potes amb els pèls…
    enhorabona és un excel·lent macro!!!

    the fantastic macro!! I love seeing the water droplets, the bright color of red, the black, the legs with hairs …
    luck is a great macro!


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