Marketing web and google training in google adwords and analytics

Private Internet Marketing Training

The web marketing courses offered are based on your needs and your projects. This is a personalized and friendly approach to training that allows you to determine the course content and its pacing. The Internet marketing training propose different courses that can be pursued independently, depending on your needs and your field of activity. At JFL Media, we strive to guide you towards the fulfillment of your personal or professional multimedia projects.

Web positioning

The web positioning training is a course that allows you to learn the important elements of a good web positioning in search engines results. The course enables students to learn to measure the state of indexation of a website and identifie ways to improve its ranking with different tools and techniques.

Course on website optimization/SEO

The training in website optimization (SEO) is designed to help you to learn or deepen your knowledge about website optimization. It also provides insights about the different elements of an effective content optimization and the corrections needed. This course will tech you to measure and evaluate the positioning of various elements in a page or site, to increase its focus and its consideration by the search engines and increase its traffic.

Google Analytics training

The Google Analytics training is a course that teaches the basics of the tools to collect and analyze data with Google Analytics. The course also aims to bring you together to recognize and to analyze the data gathered. The course enables you to become aware of the source of visits and the state of your web outreach to adjust your future efforts and therefore, improve your website return on investment and make more money or gain fame on the web.

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