What’s the difference between identity design and branding? Is a logo a brand? What is a brand?

3 things you might not know about identity design and branding from Executive Creative Director Chris Do.



01:36 Identity versus branding
04:28 Branding is only what others say/feel that you are
07:45 Think more, make less
09:43 How to define the brand
12:30 Putting together logo examples
13:59 Let’s Design & Sketch
19:20 Common mistake: depending only on the computer
20:38 Find designers with a deep knowledge of a subject rather than do it yourself.
22:26 Working through logo examples, and hand off the example to your choice designer
26:45 Summary

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The Brand Gap – Marty Neumeier
Story: Substance, Structure, Style, And The Principles Of Screenwriting – Robert McKee

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50 replies
  1. Christina Paritsi
    Christina Paritsi says:

    Hi! Amazing, inspiring video and I love the new logo! I would be happy if you could share with us also something more from your experience: what you would answer to a client that says to you
    "Yes. Ok. The new logo looks good, but it is totally different than the first one. How will my clients recognize me?"
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Rodric King
    Rodric King says:

    OMG – This dude on the left is distracting in a bad way. He is not taking this serious. Is he drunk? Please give me an excuse to be acting this way. NOT COOL.

  3. Shreeram VT
    Shreeram VT says:

    @chris do, seriously you are so awesome. Making things understand so fast. But, I think, that guy is spoiling the mood of viewers by unnecessary talks. The video is super informative and useful. Love it, Chris. Thanks a ton again.

  4. Iuri Colussi
    Iuri Colussi says:

    really nice video, but the explanation is interrupted by the other at all times, so it kind loses the sequence of thought, and when you wanna hear the explanation, is interrupted again.

  5. Tariq Jacobs
    Tariq Jacobs says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I learnt a lot and continue learning all the time with The Futur. However I did find the host VERY ANNOYING when trying to listen to the valuable information Chris Do is sharing. Geez he just makes you want to punch him if every time he speaks – he just won’t shut up! He is trying to hard to be funny – epic fail.

  6. Raymund Inajada
    Raymund Inajada says:

    Does anyone know what font is used at the part when it says "FOR A MOMENT HE’S A KID AGAIN" ( 26:32 ) , would greatly help!

  7. Claus Øeland
    Claus Øeland says:

    I always take something away from you guys. As a Production Designer I have a process that looks a lot alike this, bigger moodboards and a lot more concepting, but getting those words together in the beginning is KEY to all else, I call it the PREMISE though, and instead of asking the client, you can analyse the premise straight out of the script. Cool as always, I totally agree with Chris, the more analytical and precise you can get with the client, the better and more surprises.

  8. Maria Giannakopoulou
    Maria Giannakopoulou says:

    This is great and very informative, but for me it would have worked perfectly without the joke interruptions, just Chris Do presenting it. I find the off-topic comments kind of get in the way of fully enjoying this.

  9. Thomas Herman
    Thomas Herman says:

    This was the first video I checked from TheFutur guys. And I also thought Jose was interrupting a lot.. but since then I’ve watched almost all their amazing videos and I’ve come to understand their relationship a bit better and now I have a different perspective on that pre-judgement, so so Jose trolls on here he’s absolutely brilliant. They both are, so just dig a little deeper. Much love for this show.!!

  10. Liu Tony
    Liu Tony says:

    I want to develop specialization and a portfolio around branding by taking courses online and offline.
    Do you think I should learn web and ui/ux design?

    Thank you

  11. Fabian Schlott
    Fabian Schlott says:

    Hey guys! Lots of appreciation!! THX. One short question: How long does the process take from nothing to the point you start designig the actual deliverables?

  12. zachabstract
    zachabstract says:

    Unfortunately I had to stop watching due to Jose’s irrelevant and obnoxious interruptions :/ From what I saw, the content looked really informative. I just wish I could mute Jose.

  13. Subtitle Subty
    Subtitle Subty says:

    @jose caballer made d show really interesting as he kept talking… It wasn’t a dull moment for me… By the time he was talking he made me see something’s clearly most especially from when he said "in the beginning was the Word"… Jose really filled d gap for Chris and a great show because he showed he wanted to learn and also asked questions so many people might have asked since they were both on stage… It wasn’t easy man… And if u think it is get urself d resources and see how you do… Jose well-done boss… And Chris do thanks for designing… Lol… And this is my first time seeing Chris do laugh like this.. Buh I noticed (maybe its just me) he’s always serious… Lol… Nice show guys and great work… Love from NIGERIA

  14. Pureffejness
    Pureffejness says:

    I’m sorry but I have to click away from this video. Can’t seem to focus with all the interruptions from Jose. Would have been a great tutorial

  15. Matthijs Herzberg
    Matthijs Herzberg says:

    I know this is a 3-year old video, but I still have some thoughts. The first part of the video is thought-provoking and interesting. Then comes the actual logo-design, which seems… lackluster.
    The idea behind it, where keywords get distilled into there core (refined rustic) is so smart. But then it goes straight into a trendy logo, without considering any other options. Incorporating a fish is a no-go because… reasons? It has to be in a circle, and it has to look like all the other logos designers are pumping out on dribbble. The finished product is honestly B-grade. The lettering is sloppy (spacing, lineweight, letterforms… the specialist they hired is not very good), overall composition is cluttered with a lot of eye-dirt and not the separate elements within the logo don’t speak to each other as much as they could. Not a ‘my 4-year old could do it’ kind of deal, but just not impressive.
    So, again, I found parts of this video interesting and thought-provoking but it left me feeling weird when that mediocre logo was the end result.

  16. Ognjen Rankovic
    Ognjen Rankovic says:

    I love your video’s guys, this was just waaaay too unprofessional. I mean this should be "educational", can’t focus with the teacher interrupting and "joking" all the time -.- highly annoying vid, sorry. Will just continue through your vlog…


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