How to make a Website – Web Design Tutorial

How to make a Website – Web Design Tutorial

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I hope you enjoyed this video, web-design, let me know your comments in the comments section below!
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50 replies
  1. m.45s
    m.45s says:

    could anyone tell me is this kind of website safe to start a business in I mean like making the payment online is it safe for customers to use their cards number tot purches? thanks

  2. technical rahulji
    technical rahulji says:

    Hello friends
    Nowadays, you don’t have to be a webmaster or know all the ins-and-outs of WordPress to create an impressive site. You’ve got plenty of website builders to choose from – many free, so Please click below link for instant access

  3. pranoy sundar
    pranoy sundar says:

    Aside from the technical aspects , a web design must have to follow some basic design principle. When it comes to web designing most people overlook the "Design" part and put more focus on "Development" part.
    Most websites have no idea what to put and what not to put in their home pages. Here is an article about web design mistakes that you should avoid

  4. Jenny Johnson
    Jenny Johnson says:

    Such a great tutorial here, thank you for it! I have just built a website with the help of an HTML template from and it it as good as yours, I have to say. I also got a promo code when I bought a theme: m6qvxsbfqyo969av44x94wsr0 It is a 10% discount. I think you can try using it too, maybe you will find it helpful

  5. Albert Baarsma
    Albert Baarsma says:

    Nice lesson, really useful stuff, and different from most web-creating vids out there. It is a bit information dense tho, for a beginner. I may have to watch this a couple of times because there is so much information presented that is useful

  6. MusicalRaichu
    MusicalRaichu says:

    TBH I hadn’t watched this because I didn’t believe and artist could say anything that profound about web design but you impressed me. This is really good.

    The only thing I would question is the recommendation for san serif for body text. It is my eyesight killer. As I type this on youtube right now it is so hard to read when 1 i I l | are practically identical, and it even hits me harder in japanese where シ and ツ are just as indistinguishable (unless they’re right next to each other), not to mention 一 and ー. Maybe most people have better eyesight, I don’t know, but I find body text much much more readable in a serif font.

  7. Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones says:

    Know we know that website design should be attractive; it should be able to easily communicate with customers. Our website should look professional therefore it is better to hire professional website development company for designing our website instead of creating it by our own, as it includes many elements including information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts and images etc. Therefore, it should be carefully developed with the help of professional web design company. You can contact Nettonic ( It is one of the best companies for Website design in Bedford. They will create attractive website for your business.

  8. Camazon Tech
    Camazon Tech says: the best websites design and development services with free SEO to rank your website on google

  9. Greg Miller
    Greg Miller says:

    What would be the best web designer software for a intermediate. Not a web based program. My first web site I used Front Page.

  10. Hollywood Update
    Hollywood Update says:

    Bro if i use sub-domain for my other working activity, Is it gonna good for my main domain and sub-domain????
    please tell something about it.

  11. Jesy Nagy
    Jesy Nagy says:

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to tell you about free web hosting service I use now.
    Register here:

    They give 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB data transfer. I am now using them for about 3 months and never seen any downtime of server problems. There is no any kind of advertising on my pages too, so I think its worth to signup.

  12. A. S. Jalil
    A. S. Jalil says:

    Love this videos. As a programmer who always think technically without colors, designing is somewhat hard for me. These explanations really help


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