How to FILM CARS like a PRO!! //008

How to FILM CARS like a PRO!! //008

Filmed with Panasonic Lumix GH4 – Upgraded to the GH5! Panasonic Lumix GH5 Bundle Link here:

Vlog 008 On top of a documentary style recap of the first ever European Experience car meet presented by SOWO, this video offers EXCLUSIVE TIPS from some of the hottest film makers in the automotive industry. Pro Tips include tips on gimball or hand held shooting by Mike Koziel, a glidecam tutorial by from Zwingfilms, raising the value of your production with audio from Halcyon, learning about locations with Krispy and how to engage your audience by Sebastian Rodriguez! Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and make sure to leave a comment with any questions or feedback you may have and as always please rememeber to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it or learned something from it. Thank you!

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  1. Matt Lijon
    Matt Lijon says:

    ive watched this video so many times. im about to staRT my own car channel too. looking into cameras and am stuck between the panasonic g7 and the sony a6300. the g7 is half the cost with comaparable quality. ether way im so excited. what was the mic used on that audi r8?

  2. Tramaine Akers
    Tramaine Akers says:

    Yooo you guys are killing the scene bro! Harnesses dope ads cameras cars etc salute man!! What’s the stabilizer is that you guys are using not the glidecam.

  3. Focused Features
    Focused Features says:

    Awesome video… There’s very few places (people) can go to learn things , when it comes to the specific type of media (shooting cars )… It’s awesome to have a resource like this. You should definitely do more videos pertaining to just shooting cars .

  4. Brett Crebert
    Brett Crebert says:

    This was sooo good to watch. Watched this like 3 times now. Jealous of the group you’s have got going. Sick.

  5. fvxnjosh_
    fvxnjosh_ says:

    I’m late on watching this video, but this has so much helpful info for all of us who aren’t film makers/ photographers. You guys did, and keep doing amazing work🙏🏻🙏🏻❤

  6. TrackStreetShow
    TrackStreetShow says:

    Hey guys, great video! I definitely subscribed so I can use tips and tricks to make my channel better. Y’alls personalities and knowledge, along with the cinematography, made this video outstanding! Great job!

  7. thatblackwrx
    thatblackwrx says:

    It’s awesome to see all these amazing artists come together to show the behind the scenes of how things are done. These guys are inspirational to me and recently I have became really interested in car videography and that’s how i found this video. I now wanna get out there and start filming. Thanks for this awesome film!


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