How To Design A Quality Poster | Poster Designing Tips

How To Design A Quality Poster | Poster Designing Tips

Today we look at how to design a quality poster, using my poster designing tips. The tips that I have for you on how to design a poster, all are very relevant and will enable you to design a quality poster. So tune in and watch this tutorial on poster design top tips! It’s Tom with Satori Graphics back with another graphic design tutorial; today poster designing tips! I have seven of them in total, and all of the tips on how to design a quality poster are not related to the technical aspects of poster design i.e how to lay out a poster in Adobe Illustrator, or what is a bleed? I have other videos explaining things such as that on my channel. This video on poster designing tips, relates to the process, and the style of a poster. How to use techniques to grab the attention of the viewer, and to create a visually appealing poster design. So tune in and learn how to design a quality poster, today!

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50 replies
  1. Hoshizora
    Hoshizora says:

    Hi, i’m a first year design student. Currently doing a project on typography and posters, and your channel is really helping me out. Thank you!

  2. Abdou king
    Abdou king says:

    can you blink & what is that pose you have in the video!!! try to move around set the camera on your face level & be you don’t act wierd ;( hhhh GOOD VIDEO <3

  3. mouse mice
    mouse mice says:

    thanks for the video, but

    ha ve a theme?
    think dist ance?
    love sp a ce?
    use type wisel y?

    these i will consider flaws and make all ur statements on type quite funny. do u not know how to adjust kerning?

  4. Omar's yard
    Omar's yard says:

    thank you for this yseful tips. I’m biggener and I want to ask you about the freelance poster design
    _when I finish a poster I should send it to the client digitaly or print it for him?

  5. Pranav Bahl
    Pranav Bahl says:

    bro this video was useful , but for a beginner who is designing the posters for the first time should also be given some help with the examples as well, without examples this video is of no use

  6. Erner Laureano
    Erner Laureano says:

    Great video, I just wish you used a low pass filter on you microphone. The sound is a bit muddy, great video still liked and subbed!

  7. Sharmella Krishnasamy
    Sharmella Krishnasamy says:

    I was wondering what they mean by presenting a poster in PELTA conference??? I only know presenting papers.

  8. Satori Graphics
    Satori Graphics says:

    Remember this video is not on how to design a poster in terms of setting one up in Adobe software, and it is not a tutorial walk through on designing a specific poster, more tips on how to do it!
    Have a great weekend everyone, and hope you both enjoy and find this video useful 🙂

  9. LionArts
    LionArts says:

    Using David Carson as a negative example.
    I can understand why, when talking about negative space, but i absolutely love his work 😀

  10. Juan Zapata
    Juan Zapata says:

    thank you for the 7 tips Satori. Do you know of a website or blog where people can submit work to receive feedback from other designers?

  11. zia dadis
    zia dadis says:

    Love how you just go straight to the point with your tips without all that airy-fairy bits of intro. It really gets the audiences going. Gonna be using these tips for my current brief — well, the first six tips, actually as I feel like keeping it simple for this particular brief won’t ring true with its brand. That said, thank you so much for all your efforts in creating this useful and educational content. Don’t ever stop! ^_^

  12. Mathew Varghese
    Mathew Varghese says:

    Sir I seriously inspired alot from you.. I’m also a graphic designer.. I just completed my course.. I want to like you sir.. I watch all of ur videos.. sir please help me to be like you… As from where I studied graphic design they didn’t cleared any concept and took 8 lakh Indian rs for two year.. I gained lot of knowledge from your videos.. keep posting.. and keep the good work up.. my dream is to work under you some time but I know it’s not possible.. but sir if you can get in touch I feel blessed..
    God bless you sir..
    Praise the lord.. 😘

  13. Eirik Vågen
    Eirik Vågen says:

    Thanks for a lot of good information. This helped me a lot! Keep on making good content, you are helping a lot of people!

  14. Exnihilo37
    Exnihilo37 says:

    lol did you just use an image from David Carson to explain bad spacing? He changed typography
    for all of the late 80s and 90s. love it or hate it but its a bad example cuz its out of context

  15. Matthew Salvatar
    Matthew Salvatar says:

    A request, email me all your tutorials, specifically ones of the logos you have on instagram.
    regards Salvatar.


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