How to Create a Smoke in Photoshop

How to Create a Smoke in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you 3 basic ways how to create a smoke effect in photoshop.
How to create a custom smoke brush.

Here you can download a tutorial files:

Have fun!

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Camera for tutorial recording:
Microphone for tutorial recording:
My MAIN camera:
Second camera:
My Everyday camera bag:

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  1. xmasterblue
    xmasterblue says:

    What is happening after this step? 12:04 . Ctrl+cmd+click, what does it do? Sorry I know this video is already an year old.

  2. sammacsammac
    sammacsammac says:

    stupid youtube killed my comment with autoplay…
    anyways: very well done!
    for the brush you hardly need the cloud in transparent mode, black-and-white should be sufficient. in the end, it’s a mask with white (fully transparent) and black (opaque). i haven’t tried it, so tell me, if it makes a difference. for more depth you could probably use 16 bits for the brush-mask, but also not sure about this.
    to speed things up, you could also copy paste the red channel directly into rgb. but it’s of course more obvious for demonstration purposes.
    another tip you surely know about is to command-click (mac) on a partly transparent layer, so everything that is less than 100% transparent gets selected. immediately press c for the crop-tool and you automatically get the optimal crop-box.

  3. KEKS
    KEKS says:

    Ctrl+G pisses me out it doesnt work for me it creates groups for leyers but than i did the same thing with cloud by layer via copy. And one more thing how did you fill everything with black .

  4. Lucas Grzemski
    Lucas Grzemski says:

    Great tutorial ! I have just one question: how do you rotate brush while painting ? I think I saw few times that you changed both size and angle of brush.

  5. Marius Seack
    Marius Seack says:

    hi, first of all, great tutorials. I just want to ask what tablet and pen you are using or which can you recommend for low budget, thanks

  6. 12nightlife12
    12nightlife12 says:

    is very good video and you explain very good
    one thing that is better is need to put a command shortcuts somewhere in video to follow you better
    thnx for your time man

  7. Andrea Welsh
    Andrea Welsh says:

    Thank you! No sé hablar el inglés muy bien, pero me ayudaste mucho, estoy empezando a usar un poco al photoshop,, saludos desde México!

  8. Brian Morgan
    Brian Morgan says:

    Very cool man, loving your videos and your great at explaining the step by step process. Make complicated tasks a lot easier for a beginner like myself.

  9. Wei Dang
    Wei Dang says:

    Man, I’m extremely re lieved you submitted this video on shading the sk ies. I adopted your trusty o ld gu idance and in addition was able to get extremely close to the way in which I desired. I worked on it for a few hours so it was awesome! But be ar in mind I discovered this insane problem that I couldn’t mend. I especially struggled reinstalling the computer software and practically nothing. I wou nd up locating a completely different version of the software packages at youtube comwatch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , and performed past the snag! Could be the set up file I receive d was corrupted. I do not have l e arned to examine that? Anyway, on account of your amazing online video media, I am just so nea r to getting this reworking down, that it’ll appear like it i s actually r aining whenever I’m carried out! Who wo uld need a colleg e program for photoshop, when indivi duals can discover your incredible videos to teach all of them, no cost on youtube! Thanks once more OP! I will have to submit my end results after i assume I’ve got the heavy rain changing effect d own pat! Wei Dang, signing o ut.


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