How They Used This Graph To Grow To 1 Million Subs

How They Used This Graph To Grow To 1 Million Subs

Although analytics can be daunting, they’re an essential part of your strategy if you want to get 1 million subscribers on YouTube. You can clearly see what people are engaging with, so you can create more of that type of content. You can also see at what points they’re clicking away. By eliminating those things from future videos, you can keep people engaged for longer, increase your watch time, and get more subscribers. In this video, Stephen Sharer and his sister Grace show you the exact metric they analyse and how they do it to grow their channel, reach millions of people, and make each video better than the last.

In this 10 part series we’ll be hearing from Stephen Sharer (and Grace Sharer) about the behind-the-scenes tactics and strategies he implemented to reach over 1 million YouTube subscribers on his channel.

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30 replies
  1. Trivedi Business Talk
    Trivedi Business Talk says:

    Hello, Tim Schmoyer, I am testing Trivedi Business Talk Hindi language channel & I completed my 34,000 minutes around12,000 views and 250 subs (within first 10 days, i started this channel on 2nd dec 2019.). Does this data seems good for my new channel. Can you visit it? i have done some paid marketing and some search engine optimization techniques. i am got 30% traffic from search, 20 from other, 50% from paid ads…Does this data seems good for my new channel or i should improve it to get videos viral…

  2. JoshinCincinnati
    JoshinCincinnati says:

    The analytics are so confusing to me. I just want to make videos for fun, but it would be nice to see more than 1 or 2 people seeing something I work hard on. I’ll have to take a look at these and see if there’s things I can do to adjust.

  3. Logan Brown
    Logan Brown says:

    Video creators! You guys are so useful and beneficial to all of us! Thank you so much! Inspired me to start my own channel and has already helped me so much! I would appreciate any additional support for a new creator. 🙂

  4. Dawntrepreneur
    Dawntrepreneur says:

    I have so much respect for the youtubers that manage to blow up.. I finally realise how much work it is to grow followers. Big respect!

  5. The Music Arena
    The Music Arena says:

    Hi there. I’m a huge fan and so thankful for your videos. Please reply…
    Actually i wanna make a career as a youtuber. But i want you to take a look at my channel. Right now, I’ve around 3.5k and I’ve iver 4000 watch hours. But can i monetize my channel? I only want to mo etize my own videos. But can i use all my watch minutes for monetization or only my no copyrighted videos watchtime for monetization?

  6. A Country Life
    A Country Life says:

    I’d love an in depth video on audience retention. Every one of my videos has about the same graph with an average 56% retention.

  7. Macahu
    Macahu says:

    Salut, Tim ! Tu as une belle voix et tu communiques bien. Ne porte plus de moustaches ou de barbe…Tu es plus beau comme ça.( LoL)
    Hi, Tim! You have a beautiful voice and you communicate well. Do not put any more whiskers or beard … You look better than that. (LoL)

  8. Dr. Sten Ekberg
    Dr. Sten Ekberg says:

    Stephen Sharer always has a lot of good tips. While some don’t apply to the audience I want to attract there are a lot of basics that work for all channels.

  9. TheNeonArcade
    TheNeonArcade says:

    Need more videos on long form vs short short videos and how it relates to the most important metric for the Algorithm, watch time.

  10. Surfstorm Ricky Moody
    Surfstorm Ricky Moody says:

    Tim…Your Channel…… is like The Front Porch….. of the YouTube World….Thanks for the work… you , have put into giving knowledge to The YouTube Community…Peace …Best Regards, Ricky

  11. Varietygirl1
    Varietygirl1 says:

    I find with audience retention I still have a big dropoff and the beginning that then levels out that seems too severe. Does that mean people just do not like my content? Ending it quick like that works if you have a series, not if your videos are just alike in subject.

  12. Motonosity
    Motonosity says:

    Props to them for growing their channel so successfully, but 5 mid-rolls on a 15 minute video (2:07)? That’s a bit excessive…


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