Coaching with Adobe Dreamweaver HTML5 in Gatineau and Ottawa

Dreamweaver is a professional software used by neophytes and experts to create rich and appealing websites, with the use of HTML5 as the predominant markup language for web pages.



This customized course on Dreamweaver will enable the student to discover and master the huge range of capabilities this software offers. The student will learn the techniques necessary to create a professional website based on his actual needs.


Course Content

. The basics of Dreamweaver

. Knowledge of pre-production steps (tree structure, storyboard, wireframe)

. Differences between static and dynamic sites

. The website map, optimization and site update with Dreamweaver

. Web page properties

. Presentation of various operating modes

. Tables

. Images

. Hypertext links

. Page layout with CSS

. Sites management with Dreamweaver

. Forms

. Browser testing

. Form fields testing

. Events management with Dreamweaver




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