After Effects – What are the different types of layers?

After Effects – What are the different types of layers?

This video explains the difference between the types of layers, including Text, the festivals, the cameras, the lights, the Null values, the shapes, and adjustment layers.

0:00 – introduction
0:58 – Layer Media
2:08 – text levels
3:11 – solid
4:24 lights
5:20 – cameras
6:16 – Null Objects
7:07 – shape layers
7:47 – adjustment layers
8:12 – layer file
8:39 – Outro

This video was recorded in January of 2016 to the help of adobe After Effects CC 2015. The features may differ, sooner or later, versions of the software.

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  1. Itz_Goldfish
    Itz_Goldfish says:

    Whoever gave this 2 dislikes hit the dislikes ONLY because they have the power to do so…
    There like a teacher with detection slips.

  2. Schepper
    Schepper says:

    Great tutorial man! Explained things very well. Thank you! Do you have any plans in the future for making a masking tutorial which covers both the simple things and the little more advanced?

  3. María Emilia Rodríguez
    María Emilia Rodríguez says:

    I imported a file from psd as i usually do and this time I got this strange symbols in some layers that aren’t working the way I expected. It’s like a sequence of little blue squares with a landscape on it. Do you know what that means, and how to fix the error?


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