Adobe Spark Tutorial – How to make a video with Adobe Spark in 15 minutes

Adobe Spark Tutorial – How to make a video with Adobe Spark in 15 minutes

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Today we take our first look at how to make a video with Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is an online platform that allows you to make videos, social media posts, and even websites! This Adobe Spark tutorial covers how to make a video using Spark, including voiceovers, images, music and writing out our text.

This is the second video that I’ve made using Adobe Spark so far and I really do like it. It is a lot like making a video with PowerPoint, but I believe that this is much simpler. You can make a video for your company or product right away using this platform – then all you need is for someone to optimize it and get it on Google. Luckily, you all just happen to be in the presence of THE BEST SEO IN THE UNIVERSE!!! –

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12 replies
  1. Jenny Macias
    Jenny Macias says:

    I have premium but for some reason I have access to none of these templates. Do you have something different?

  2. John Gilbert
    John Gilbert says:

    Triston, I just watched your video and create one of my own. You did a great job of explaining this. Question? How much, I mean how many characters can go into a particular text box? Can you resize the text?

  3. 68 mopar
    68 mopar says:

    Easy to follow and understand. I gotta do a presentation for school, and this ones as simple as they come. Spark isnt as detailed as id like for it to be as it limits you with options, but that just makes things that much easier.

  4. Rick Beacham
    Rick Beacham says:

    Not too much functionality on Spark. And some of the themes are not working correctly. Thanks for the tutorial.


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