Brief description

Adobe Premiere is a software with a very comprehensive script system used for capturing and editing audio and video for web and DVD.

Adobe Premiere training is perfect for those who want to produce videos that will create and impact.

Adobe Premiere has powerful tools that are used, among other things, to correct the
colors, to make the transition effects, apply audio filters, etc.

Whether for recreation or vocational training, Adobe Premiere will enable you to
give form to your most innovative ideas and concepts.


Enable the student to master the main functionalities of Adobe Premiere to create cinematic productions.

Course content

Basic elements, introduction to Adobe Premiere

. Predefined and personalized configuration
. Ergonomic interface
. Importation of audiovisual elements
. Location and association of image and sound
Organization of audiovisual content in the Adobe Premiere interface

Construction of an assembly
. Management of mounting elements (sound and picture)
. Knowledge of editing tools audiovisual elements
. Use and handling of effects and transition.
. Recognize the parameters and characteristics of an element and make custom changes

Use and animation of calligraphic characters
. Entitle the video and add end credits
Animate and add effects to the texts

Rendering and video exportation
. The compression of image and sound
. Windows, Flash, Real, Quick Time, mpeg2, mpeg4, 3GP
. Exportation for the web

Access to a computer and a camera that records videos.


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