A beginners Web Design Tutorial for 2018 – part 1 of 2

A beginners Web Design Tutorial for 2018 – part 1 of 2

part 2: https://youtu.be/HKuDR0fYtCY
Today, the question is: use a CSS Framework or not?
— I’ve gotten a lot of requests to show the ** development of user INTERFACE design, user INTERFACE design (product, XD, sketches, etc..) and make it a near pixel-perfect display in the browser with HTML and CSS. Well, today I am on the delivery! This is one of the 2 part series, where, today, we are the user interface of Adobe-Design-experience, and in the morning (without a deadline, design to 10: 30 p.m., an hour), we will be HTML-attack and CSS (without the use of frameworks, CSS).


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50 replies
  1. George Gomez
    George Gomez says:

    primarily custom, but I do enjoy using frameworks from time to time. specially, I use material angular, materializecss, or bootstrap (if absolutely necessary, lol)

  2. Amaury Permer
    Amaury Permer says:

    I love your videos, and I really love the way you explain everything in an easy to understand way but, do you know where do I learn UI/UX design?, I mean, I’m looking for a course that teaches me how to design an UI, where to place elements, how to place them and why, the psychology behind the UI design and all these topics that no one talks about. I use my graphic design knowledge to create UI/UX but I feel that I need something more, something that would help me to create beautiful yet useful UI/UX.

  3. Krupesh Anadkat
    Krupesh Anadkat says:

    I just Figured it out, Hitting Ctrl+Tab hides the right sidebar(where you can set all properties) in Adobe Xd.. Not so relevant info, still it might be helpful when taking a screenshot.. or so.

  4. Sobhan Həqlı
    Sobhan Həqlı says:

    Probably the worst tutorial existing on the web. You didn’t describe what you were doing and I even didn’t get the name of the programme you use

  5. DesignCourse
    DesignCourse says:

    Be sure to Subscribe! My answer for today’s question: When I began building sites 20+ years ago, CSS frameworks didn’t exist. Though, I still didn’t code much by hand. Back then, we had stuff like FrontPage 98, Dreamweaver (Macromedia) and Fireworks, which was used to automatically slice/dice and create CSS for you. I did that for awhile, and then after awhile, I started to use CSS frameworks that came out (mainly Bootstrap). I used Foundation and Bulma as well.

    These days, especially with the CSS grid, I do everything custom. The CSS grid negates the necessity of using a grid system, and once you’re familiar enough with CSS properties and can design well, you will find that you really don’t need a CSS framework. That’s my take, at least!

  6. Sagar Munjal
    Sagar Munjal says:

    I only love to use css grid.

    there is a major chunk of energy which can be used in learning a skill that is getting dispersed in the noise of splurging arrays of front end back end framework to chose.

    somehow the complexity of making a choice and not be part of that crowd lost in the crowd. I love to stick to basics for simplicity. AND TO BE HONEST. we get to know when does our project start to need a framework badly.

    Today i have come across, assholes who just dont know a thing and the first question they ask is what framework they should use. I do feel like smashing their head and let those years pass and make them think why they got a slap 5 years ago when they started.

  7. Micahtron
    Micahtron says:

    I prefer to build it all by hand as it makes for a lighter codebase that’s easier to run and with the same results. However if the company requests that a specific framework be used for whichever purpose, it’s best to have it on hand when needed.

    That said, I refuse to encourage the rampant JS pile of all-the-things which has come about. If someone needs to use three different frameworks for a cross-browser contact form, and then compile it all with a suite of five build tools… they’re doing it wrong. IMHO

  8. Naveen S
    Naveen S says:

    Our Web designing course is designed for the students and professionals who wish to groom their professional aspiration with infinite skill development. We offer advance web designing training with the most in-demand syllabus.

  9. Anton Hölastarn
    Anton Hölastarn says:

    I’ve only worked with html and css for a couple of months (though I took a course in html last year) so I’m really not that experienced. Nonetheless I stay away from frameworks. 1 I wan’t to learn how to do it "properly" and 2 if it can be done with regular html and css then why not? 😀

  10. Mihai Popa
    Mihai Popa says:

    Really great lessons. Thank you. I’m a complete beginner, so I wanted to ask. How do you decide on the aspect ratio of the website when you start the design?

  11. ramon borreguero
    ramon borreguero says:

    I am not so familiar with the questions you ask us. Could you please explain the differences between those ways to reach the procedure of designing and making the site after with HTML and CSS. Which kind of advantages has Adobe Software? Are there another software to be able to do that?
    Could you please give me one advice on how to build my photographer page. I have very few experience and want to learn building my own page and being able to sell my photos.
    I apretiate the videos and wait please for response.
    Ramon Borreguero

  12. Amaury Permer
    Amaury Permer says:

    I don’t like CSS frameworks, I create my custom CSS for every project, this way I have more control over my elements, I may use CSS libraries like animate.css or stuff like that but generally speaking; I create my own CSS,

  13. John Wolf
    John Wolf says:

    Bootstrap4 is so effective with built-in Flexbox that I just cave in and set up the framework from the get-go, especially a single page landing site. Since I’m using animation libraries, etc., that all use class attributes like Bootstrap…might as well. Saying that… I also code CSS directly (CSS grid and Flexbox) for pages where I keep the CSS separate for each page. I’ve also created sites where the CSS is cascaded on the HTML page in the head by order placement of the links like CSS that applies to all on top, then additional CSS files under that for specific page sizes and let cascading do the work. This was all before these frameworks were available. Then the philosophy of small screens first came into being. My styling was big screens first down to small screens. I’ve also used Materialize because it is simpler and has a very cool carousel feature that’s different from all the rest. It’s very cool to show three people and there stats that can be switched with a click. A much better look than sliders.

  14. Krupesh Anadkat
    Krupesh Anadkat says:

    i accidentally discovered a shortcut to hide right sidebar (where u select font, center things, etc..).. BUT then i forgot what was that.. Can someOne Help..

  15. Bharat Narendranath
    Bharat Narendranath says:

    really love your content just a small doubt how did you add the montserrat font straightaway from the font list sorry if its a really dumb question

  16. Ifter Jahan
    Ifter Jahan says:

    Please so some video about codecanyon.
    How to make product of codecanyon like with the code html css js…. and the documentation file and upload process.

  17. Alejandro Vivas
    Alejandro Vivas says:

    Bro, I admire you. My new mentor. I wish more companies would know how important is to have a good design on their websites. Thank you!


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